Tips for Reducing Fatigue

Few things feel worse than the intense drowsiness that begins to join us during our morning classes a few weeks into the new semester. For many of us, however, that sleepy feeling begins to plague our afternoons and evenings too. Before you start falling asleep in the library, let’s go through some tips for fighting fatigue!

Why is it important to fight fatigue, you ask? For starters, skimping on sleep seriously compromises your immune system – making it wayyy more likely you’ll catch the cold your whole floor has been sniffling through. Beyond that, fatigue lowers your brain functionality, making it much more difficult to focus.

Convinced? Good.

Tip 1: Don’t Skip Sleep

This isn’t always easy, especially when you live in a dorm surrounded by friends. However, making sure you get your 8 hours each night is the easiest way to reduce fatigue in your daily life. Try to cut the late-night hang outs short – particularly on nights that precede an early morning class.

Tip 2: Choose Your Go-to Energy Booster

While sleeping is definitely the best “fatigue-fighter”, it’s not always an immediate option. These are the times when a little energy boost comes in handy…think coffee, tee, or even a protein bar. One piece of advice – skip the sugar (you’ll only crash harder later on).


Tip 3: Eat Energizing Foods

Eat your energy! Leafy greens are a great option for getting the energy needed for a full day of classes. You should also eat plenty of protein to keep yourself going – think chicken, fish, or eggs. If you’re hunting for some vegan options, beans and nuts will do the trick as well! Check out our PB&U post for some peanut-packed recipes.

And don’t forget, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Tip 4: Exercise

You’ll be much more energized (and it will be much easier for you to fall asleep at night) if you’ve got a workout routine down. Grab some friends and hit the gym or do a quick workout in your dorm room. Even if you don’t have time to do a designated workout, you can still take walks around campus and get active in other ways. When you’re walking to class, take a longer alternate route instead of your usual path. It’ll get you moving, energized, and seeing some new sites.

Written by Guest Blogger Dan H. of Emerson College


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