Apartment Life Guide: Cleaning Edition

While moving off campus to your first apartment is mainly fun and games, there are a few parts of living on your own that you might have conveniently forgotten about.

Like cleaning. Ugh.

Although it’s hard let cleaning go forgotten for long (we hope), it can seem like a daunting task when there are suddenly several rooms to take care of. Before the dishes start piling up or a blanket of dust covers your living room, check out our second edition of the Apartment Life Guide. Let’s break out the supplies and get your new living quarters in order!

Cleaning Essentials

  • Swiffer & Swiffer Pads
  • Vacuum (regular or handheld)
  • Disinfectant Wipes or Spray
  • Paper Towels
  • All Purpose Cleaner (i.e. Windex)
  • Toilet Brush, Cleaner & Plunger

Cleaning Tips

  1. Create a cleaning schedule. We know it sounds lame, but promise you’ll thank us later. No one wants to get stuck doing ALL the cleaning in the apartment, so have a conversation early on with your roomies about who will be doing what and when. Make sure it’s fairly divided and organized and in a place where everyone in the apartment can see it. NO excuses!
  2. Use your cleaning supplies sparingly – you’ll often find that a little goes a long way. Before you switch out a Swiffer pad for every room, see how far you can get with just the one. And really, you do not need the entire bottle of disinfectant spray for wiping down the kitchen counters.
  3. Always clean up after yourself. Think about it – if you wash your dishes right after you use them, you won’t have to tackle a giant pile down the road. Plus, if you’re the roommate always leaving a mess, it can cause tension with your tidier counterparts. Remember, you’re not Hansel or Gretel – there is no need to leave a trail of crumbs behind you all the time.
  4. Make cleaning fun (or at least less miserable). Open the windows, put on some music, and make it a group activity. Thoroughly vacuumed floors and freshly laundered blankets will make your living experience way better. Plus, you’ll know you definitely EARNED an extra episode of your Netflix binge after that.

Bonus: DIY Cleaning

Ready to take on your very own cleaning DIY? Try out this easy homemade air freshener recipe from Smashed Peas and Carrots. You can pick your own scents using natural essential oils and can make it match exactly to your decor.

Win? We think so!

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We want to hear YOUR cleaning tips! Post a comment below or tweet at us – @BNCollege.

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