#DownloadWorthy: Colorfy

Are you ready to jump on the coloring bandwagon, but aren’t ready to commit to a full coloring book? We have the answer and it’s our latest #DownloadWorthy app – Colorfy.

This gorgeous app is like a miniature coloring book that you can hold in the palm of your hand…and of course on the screen of your phone! Their tagline? ‘Coloring Therapy, Now Mobile.’ We’re sold.

Back in July, we covered the benefits of the coloring book trend. Just to refresh your memories – coloring has been used by psychologists as a tool for relaxation since the early 20th century! The simplicity of picking a color combined with focusing on filling in the lines can give your brain time to take a break and recharge. It’s perfect for those hectic points during the semester. Colorfy really takes the idea of coloring books for adults one step further by making it super accessible. No crayons required! Reap the benefits of coloring without having to stuff coloring books and crayons in your backpack. We’ll vouch for it – it really is relaxing!

in article image

Once you choose from a variety of florals, mandalas, and other patterns, it’s time to start ‘coloring’! They offer a wide variety of color options and all it takes is a simple ‘tap’ to fill the area of the image with the color of your choice. The layout of the app is well-streamlined and doesn’t leave much for you to think or worry about…only helping to enhance the ‘therapy’ process. While some of the more advanced patterns and color palettes need to be purchased, we were pretty satisfied with the free options. We mayyyyy or may not have gotten sucked into perfecting the ombre mandala.

But, anyway…

We are sold on the relaxing powers of coloring and even more sold (is that possible?) on the ease and mobility of the Colorfy app. Perfect for a study break or to unwind after classes, this app is definitely Download Worthy. Check it out in the app store and share your masterpieces with us!


Try out our #DownloadWorthy pick and share your thoughts, and Colorfy creations with us, we’d love to see them @BNCollege OR in the comments below!

Don’t forget to check out ALL of our Download Worthy apps. Tell us which are your favorites or recommend some new ones!


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