Healing that Cold Quickly

If there’s one thing you’ll learn during your freshman year of college, it’s that the common cold spreads faster than WILDFIRE in a dorm. One day the kid down the hall has a tickle in his throat and – the next thing you know – you are surrounded by a sea of tissues and cough medicine.


So, before cold season strikes, we’ve gathered everything you need to know to fight the good fight…….. and how to recover quickly should you get sick!

Keep a clean room. You mom was right! In all honesty, though, take the time once a week to wipe down your room and shared surfaces with disinfectant, open your windows, clean out the fridge, and vacuum up all the dust. This should be a basic preventative measure.

Take out the garbage DAILY. Get rid of germs easily by taking out your tissue-filled garbage each day! In a stuffy, small dorm room, bacteria spreads quickly and you’ll want to get it out of there fast. Plus, who wants to have a room that smells? (Answer: no one.)

Get enough sleep. This is another preventative measure we keep talking about – that’s because it’s important! Especially during cold season, make sure you’re getting enough REST. We know it’s tempting to stay up all night studying (or Netflix binging, whatever), but when you’re not getting adequate rest, your body’s immune system slows down, leaving you even more susceptible to catching the cold that’s going around. So, give yourself a break and get a little extra sleep – Netflix will still be there in the morning!

Need further convincing? Check out our tips to Fight Fatigue.

air hug

Air hug your roommates. Though we know you love them, keep it to an air hug while you – or they – have a cold. The last thing you want to do is spread sickness – especially if it’s during finals week! Your roommates can show they care by making you some hot tea or leaving you to sleep it off instead!

Sip tea with honey. It’s one of the best homemade remedies for a cold or sore throat! Hot tea is great for soothing your throat and opening up your sinuses – helping with that whole “stuffy nose” and “inability to breathe” thing. Lemon and Peppermint Tea are both helpful for curing colds as well. Honey is great as both a natural sweetener and anti-bacterial agent – which is great for tackling germs and getting you back to optimum health!

Add some Vitamin C/ Orange Juice/ Chicken Soup to your routine. Taking vitamin C and drinking orange juice is great to take to prevent and help heal colds! It’s not a bad idea to take vitamin C each day so that you can stop colds from starting in the first place—especially at school, where there are a ton of people around and (let’s face it), a ton of germs as well! Chicken soup is also a go-to for healing your cold—have your roommate bring some back for you while you rest! After all, what are roommates for?

Written by Guest Blogger, Ilana S. of Rutgers U


What’re your tips for staying healthy in the dorms? Any cold-killing recipes from mom!? Share them all with us on Twitter OR the Comments below!


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