How To: Follow Up After an Interview

You made it through another job interview…congrats! However, you’re not done just yet! Now it’s time to follow up. While it’s awesome to send a hand-written note to your new contact, we recommend getting an email over to them within 24 hours of your interview – just to thank them and let them know your thoughts after you spoke. This is a great opportunity to follow through with any questions you needed more time to answer or ask anything else you didn’t get to during the interview. It’s a great way to make sure you’re remembered in a positive light! We know it can be a bit tricky to draft but – we promise – it will be worth it.

What to Include:

A personalized message: Make sure your note is personalized! Include something you or your interviewer shared during the interview to show that you were paying attention. This not only shows you’re listening, it indicates that you’re personable and someone who would be easy to work with. Many companies bring candidates in merely to see what they’re like in person and whether they would fare well within the company, so prove that you would!

Why you’re the best candidate: You want to continue to show the interviewer that you’re the best candidate for the job. Reiterate briefly how your skill set is a perfect fit for the job and share how excited you are about the work they’re doing at the company. Don’t spend several paragraphs on this though, they just interviewed you! A brief reminder or mention of something you may have forgotten in the heat of the interview is perfect to include.

That you’re grateful: Make sure you thank them for meeting with you! This is key here. Express your gratitude for their time, advice, and interest in you as a candidate. Whether you’re interested in the job or not, you’ll want to thank them for going out of their way to see you!

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What to Avoid:

Sounding desperate: Be careful to avoid writing anything that may paint you as desperate or pushy. Instead, preserve your image as confident, knowledgeable and skilled. Though you may be confident in your skills and your ability to take on the next challenge, don’t be pushy – it’s not a good idea to annoy the interviewer you just met!

Over-contacting: Reaching out to your interviewer or contact every day after your interview is definitely NOT recommended. Keep in mind that they’re probably busy and that they will reach out to you when they have the time. Unless they haven’t gotten back to you in the time they told you they would, or if you’re answering some follow-up questions they sent to you, give them the space to get back to you.

Writing a loooooong letter: Don’t write them a novel….don’t even write them anything close to your cover letter! Keep it simple. Remember, your interviewer is busy and likely gets dozens of emails a day. Stand out by getting to the point without extra bells and whistles. Be sure to remind them at the end that you’re available for more information if they want and if they ask, but don’t include it all here in your thank you note.

Written by Guest Blogger Dan H. of Emerson U.


What’s the best tip you ever got for a thank you note? Was there a thank you note that you know got you the job? Share your tips and stories with us @BNCollege or in the comments below!


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