Tailgate Must-Haves

Football season is upon us and that can mean only one thing…tailgates! Whether you tailgate with friends in the parking lot before the game or your alumni parents come to town with their well-stocked SUV, you need all the right supplies for the best tailgate ever.

Dress Like a Fan

First things first, you better look like a fan and that means getting decked out in your team’s gear. Whether it’s a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes while snapping #tailgate selfies or a scarf to keep you cozy come those chilly fall evenings, why not look for one in your school colors? There’s no excuse to skimp on the school spirit here, people!

Our Recommendations: a cozy hoodie, baseball cap, warm scarf, rivalry or score tee


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All the Small Things

Next up, accessories. These can make or break your tailgate. You’ll want to keep your phone powered up all day with a portable charger. You wouldn’t want to miss out on posting the best Instagram pics, would you? Those pictures won’t be complete unless you’re sporting the right spirit gear – which is also essential for proper cheering after a touchdown! Plus, a football to toss around can’t hurt while you’re in-between flipping burgers on the grill. Games are ALWAYS a great way to make new friends (which might come in handy when those coveted parking spaces are up for grabs). Of course, you’ll need a spirited cup WITH a lid as well – because who wants to risk spilling on their new gear??

Our Recommendations: a classic foam finger, inexpensive spirit beads, a football to toss around, a travel mug/water bottle WITH a lid, and a portable charger so you can be sure to Snapchat all your best moments at the game!


Go Big or Go Home

Last, but certainly not least, we present to you the ultimate in tailgate accessories. These big ticket items are not for the faint of heart and are most often seen among tailgates of experienced alumni or parents. Of course, we’re talking about your school-logoed tents, chairs, and tables. Luckily for you, these handy accouterments often fold up nicely for each storage in your trunk. They’re the perfect way to fight against less-than-stellar weather or step your tailgate up a notch. After all, a rainy day is no match for a #TrueFan!

Our Recommendations: fold-up table WITH cup holders, school spirited tent, fold up school spirit chair


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You know the drill – post your tailgate suggestions in the comments below!

Be sure to check your local BNCollege store for availability and get out there and tailgate right this season! Share your #tailgate moments and memories with us this year @BNCollege on Twitter or Instagram!


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