25 Fall Favorites

We are so darn excited about the arrival of autumn, we decided to put together a list of our 25 favorite fall things (you’re welcome). So – for the time being – forget about midterms, forget about summer having passed…and get excited about the upcoming season with us. After all, the wonderFALL possibilities are endless (come on, we had to throw in a pun).


In no particular order, we present our 25 Fall Favorites:

  1. All pumpkin everything. We’re looking at you pumpkin muffins, cookies, breads and yes, even lattes!
  2. SWEATER WEATHER. Enough said.
  3. Football. Whether you’re a college fan or you stick with the NFL, few things or more fun than a good game day party.
  4. Cozy nights by the fire (mmm s’mores)
  5. Pie. Apple, pumpkin, cherry – whatever floats your boat! There’s nothing better than a deliciously flaky pie.
  6. Books! Doesn’t it seem like all the best books are released this time of year?
  7. The leaves. There’s just something about taking long walks, the crunch of leaves under your feet, and the changing colors of the trees.
  8. Family time. Whether it’s the cooler weather that brings everyone inside, or the long weekends and holidays, Fall always seems to bring family together.
  9. Did someone say flannel? Whether you’re all about sporting your plaid flannel, or you’d prefer to be snuggled up in a flannel blanket, it’s pretty much perfect for the season.
  10. Hot beverages…tea, coffee, apple cider. Nothing better than warming your hands up on a mug full of something yummy (and caffeinated!)
  11. Long drives and weekend getaways. Is it just us, or does anyone else love taking  long drives to check out the Fall leaves or heading out of town for a quick weekend trip during autumn!?
  12. The crisp cool air… the best sleeping weather ever!
  13. Thanksgiving. Our stomachs are growling already…
  14. Pumpkin picking (and then bringing them home to arrange on your porch or in your dorm).
  15. Halloween! Candy and costumes…it doesn’t get much better than that (especially when it falls on a weekend like this year!)
  16. Fall TV premieres. The Walking Dead, Gotham…get the popcorn ready because we’re so happy all of our fave shows are coming back.
  17. It’s officially the time of year where it’s pretty much acceptable to wear sweatpants and a hoodie….all day. Every day.
  18. Apple picking (and, of course, posting the perfect ‘gram of said endeavor).
  19. All cinnamon everything! From our food to our candles, it’s the ultimate Fall flavor. Plus, it has tons of health benefits!
  20. Layers. We’re talking scarves, and sweaters, and socks, and vests…and all of the layers.
  21. School breaks. Especially as a student away at school for your freshman year, going back home for the first time is one of the best feelings!
  22. Hiking. Why go hiking in the heat of the summer when you can do it in the Fall? Plus it doubles as ‘leaf-peeping!’
  23. We “mustache” you a question. How do you feel about #NoShaveNovember?
  24. Carving pumpkins and handing out candy to the neighborhood kids on Halloween.
  25. EVERYTHING. We say pretty much everything is better in the Fall. Just go with it


Agree with us!? Or, maybe you have some more things to add to the list? Share them with us on TwitterInstagram or, of course, in the comments below!


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