Easy Ways to be a Little More Healthy This Week

So often, being healthy can feel like an overwhelming or unattainable goal. However, there are easy ways to be a little more healthy each and every week! We’ve put together a list of ways to incorporate smarter choices into your day to day life.

Walk or bike to class If you can, pass on the car ride to campus. Ride your bike or pound the pavement – anything to get your body moving.

Ditch the front-row parking spot. If you have to drive to campus, try parking farther away. It’s an easy way to add some extra steps to your commute.

Swap the Red Bull for some water. With a long night of studying ahead, grabbing an energy drink might be tempting. However, fight the urge and go for a glass of water instead. It’s good for your skin, body, and brain!

Work out during commercial breaks. Rather than grabbing a few extra handfuls of popcorn, try doing some jumping jacks, push ups, or running in place while you watch your favorite show. Every bit of activity helps!

Replace the mac ‘n’ cheese with a side salad. Take a look at what you eat each day and try swapping just one thing for a healthier option.

Take a walking study break. Instead of browsing reddit or combing through Pinterest on your study break, do a lap around the library or your dorm. Give your mind a break!


Take the stairs. The elevator is a tempting options, but the stairs are an easy way to get in a quick little exercise.

Get to bed earlier. We’re not talking a 7:30 bed time, but try to hit the sheets a little sooner than usual. Sleep is NOT for the weak!

Power down an hour in advance. Watching TV or browsing the internet are popular pre-bedtime options, but you’ll sleep better if you power down sooner.

Give your eyes a break. Spending all day on the computer isn’t just exhausting, it’s not great for your eyes either. Give them a little rest every hour to keep them in shape.

Control your portions. Sure…two scoops of ice cream sounds delicious, but why not start with just one for now?

Floss those pearly whites. Flossing is an easy and ridiculously inexpensive way to keep your oral health in check. Take five minutes before brushing to give your teeth some TLC!


That wasn’t so bad, was it? Do you have any simple techniques for staying healthy? Share them with us in the comments or tweet at us – @BNcollege!


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