Laughter IS the Best Medicine

Because it’s Monday and so many of us are prone to the *~Monday Blues~*…we’ve decided to focus on something much more enjoyable – laughter! We’ve all heard the old adage that laughter is the best medicine, right? Well, it turns out there is actually some truth to that little saying. It’s time to start giggling because we’re about to take a closer look at the health benefits of laughter.

Benefit #1: Let’s start at the top (literally) – your head! Have you been feeling stressed lately due to an upcoming exam or presentation? Laughing actually lowers stress hormones like cortisol in your brain and, therefore, reduces some of the stress and anxiety.

Benefit #2: Hello there, abs! When you laugh, your tummy muscles alternate between contracting and relaxing, much like they do when you’re doing crunches or sit-ups. No gym required, just throw on your favorite comedy!

Benefit #3: Did you catch that cold going around the dorm and can’t seem to shake it? Perhaps your immune system needs a bit of a boost! Luckily, laughter has been known to help your body increase the production of antibodies, which can help you fight off that nasty cough and runny nose. Who has time for that anyway?


Benefit #4: ENDORPHINS! Laughter also triggers your body’s production of endorphins, which are known to create a “feel-good effect.” Those pleasure hormones are released by your body when you do things like exercise, eat chocolate, or laugh! Endorphins are known to help in reducing any pain you may be feeling (think of a runner’s high after you clocked your best time at a 5k race.) While this is a bit of a temporary fix, these natural pain-relievers can make all the difference to people who may suffer from chronic pain and how can you say no to that!?

Benefit #5: Good for your heart. And yes, we mean in both the physical AND spiritual sense. Laughter obviously makes you happy, and can improve your overall well-being and emotional state. But, laughter can also aid in reducing your cholesterol levels and inflammation which can in turn help protect you from heart health issues down the road.


Hopefully, this was some good news for your Monday afternoon! Join in on the fun and tweet us your best jokes all week. After all….it is the healthy thing to do.


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