So, You Want to Be….a Brand Ambassador

In recent years, we’ve seen the rise of the Brand Ambassador. A brand ambassador is someone who works for a particular organization – sharing information about their products and offerings, in addition to representing the “essence” of the company. Acting as a brand ambassador is a great way for college students to break into the world of marketing or advertising.

Kate Horton, a brand ambassador for Sakroots, took some time to share her experiences with us. Kate is a Fashion Merchandising and Management major with a minor in Business at Virginia Tech. Having grown up in New Jersey, she became acquainted with New York City at a very young age and knew she wanted to take advantage of having the fashion capital right next door! She interned for The Sak Brand Group after her sophomore year of college as a visual merchandising intern and went into her junior year as a brand ambassador for Sakroots. Keep reading to hear more about Kate’s experiences and to hear her advice.

 Q: As a Sakroots brand ambassador, what is your primary goal?

Your main objective is to create awareness on your campus for Sakroots. You do this by wearing SR on campus, coordinating and hosting events for students, creating a Sakroots Facebook page and Instagram for your university, and uploading pictures and videos to the social media pages. It’s important to drive traffic to and your local bookstore by offering giveaways and promo codes to your friends and by distributing marketing materials throughout campus. Helping raise money for partner charities is also a big thing too. We update the Sakroots office team periodically with a write-up and photos of how we are reaching students on campus.

 Q: Were you always interested in being a brand ambassador? What other clubs did you participate in?

Although I was already a part of multiple organizations on campus (sorority, exec member for my fashion club) and taking on a full work load, Sakroots gave me the opportunity to juggle all of my academic obligations while also being able to promote the brand, hold events, and participate in the program.




Q: What is your favorite part of the job?

It is a great gateway to getting a summer internship with The Sak Brand Group and – hopefully – a job after college! Plus, you can get school credit and job recommendations. Other perks include free Sakroots products and promo codes!

Q: Is there anyone whose career that you admire? Why?

I have always admired stylist and designer Rachel Zoe. With no formal fashion training, Rachel Zoe pursued her love for fashion because she thought it was fun and entertaining.  I admire Rachel because she followed her heart to do what she loved and is now one of the most influential stylists in the fashion industry.  As a stylist she has worked with high-profile clients and has created her own distinguishable style.  It would be a dream of mine to become a personal stylist. (Fun fact: Rachel Zoe grew up in my hometown and attended my high school!)

Q: As you know, at Barnes & Noble College our main focus is our students and their success both in school and outside of school. What advice do you have for any students hoping to work as a Brand Ambassador?

Applying to become a Sakroots brand ambassador is simple! Visit and send in your resume along with a 500 word essay explaining why you should be chosen as a Sakroots BA.

Q: Did you have a favorite class or project you worked on while in school? Describe it.

One of my favorite classes I took in college was Visual Merchandising – and I took this when I was abroad in Florence, Italy. Our end of the semester project was to design an outfit on a mannequin out of paper.  There were three people in my group including myself and we designed a high halter neck geometric dress with origami flowers and shapes popping off of it.  We worked on the project for about a month, twice a week for three hours a day.  Cutting out and making the hundreds of origami flowers and shapes were extremely tedious and time consuming however they were what made the whole dress. At the end of the semester, our dress was showcased on the mannequin in the universities fashion show that took place in San Marco piazza in Florence.  The project was very demanding and time consuming! However, it was very fun and rewarding to see it showcased in one of the well-known piazza’s in Florence, Italy.

Q: Was there anyone in particular who helped mentor you? How has their guidance helped shape you?

My father has definitely been my mentor and my biggest fan through my journey of establishing myself and my career.  Since I was in middle school, I knew that fashion was the field I wanted to go into and ever since then my dad has pushed me to get a head start in the fashion world.  I have been exposed to amazing opportunities and schooling from taking classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology on the weekends in high school to spending a month in Florence, Italy studying fashion at the age of seventeen.  Without the help, guidance, and pressure from my dad to seize all opportunities possible, I would not be where I am today.

Q: Do you have tips or advice for students who want to stay focused and motivated?

If you can, try your hardest to be ahead and gain as much experience as possible early on in the field you hope to pursue.  This will put you ahead and distinguish you from your peers/others.  Seize any opportunity that comes your way, experience is everything!  In order to do all this, it is important to step out of your comfort zone and push yourself to do something or apply to something that may be a reach for you but that you know you can conquer.  Your hard work along your journey to your long term goal will pay off, just make sure to stay focused and motivated along the way!

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

As I have been saying, take advantage of any opportunity that may come your way.  Think about your future and what experience you can start building at a young age, however live in the moment and appreciate every day of your college career as it does fly by.  In being a Brand Ambassador you can gain valuable experience and knowledge that will be very beneficial in the future.


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