What to Wear: Career Fair

Ah, the on-campus Career Fair. You got away with avoiding it last semester…but it may be time for you to freshen up your resume, grab your most ‘office appropriate’ outfit and head over to the event. If you heard ‘office appropriate’ or ‘business casual’ and balked, then read on brave student, we’ll guide you through creating the perfect career fair outfit!

While we can’t guarantee it’ll get you a coveted internship right off the bat, we can guarantee you’ll be taken a little more seriously by the recruiters you meet than if you showed up looking like you came right from the gym. Now work on your handshake and smile, we’ve got your outfit planned!

Ladies first:

Do not underestimate the power of black and white….with a punch of color! Our recommendation is to keep it neutral, let the focus be on YOU, your skills and your resume, not that brightly printed shirt you got on vacation in the tropics. A pair of black dress pants or trousers, a silk top and a blazer can take you far in the world of ‘work wear’ and it’s easy to re-wear by just switching out a different top or blazer. Polish it off with a pair of flats or heels. And no, we don’t mean the heels you wore to the club this weekend…think a little more demure than that. Of course, don’t forget a notebook with extra copies of your resume tucked inside, you’ll want to take notes and jot down all the names and email addresses!


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Guys, you may have it a little easier than the ladies, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look dapper too! While it’s appropriate to wear your best suit and tie to the Career Fair, it’s not entirely necessary, and may not even be possible if you don’t have it with you at school. Instead, you can opt for khakis and a button down, just make sure you tuck it in! Finish it off with dress shoes, your watch, and a briefcase. Try and avoid bringing your backpack at least for this event, and instead opt for the slightly more mature option to carry all those copies of your resume to hand out. Weather not cooperating? You can always throw a crew-neck sweater over your button down to stay both warm and appropriate!

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What’re you wearing to your on-campus Career Fair? Share your favorite tips and outfits with us on Twitter and Instagram @BNCollege OR in the Comments below!


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