5 FREE Ways to Boost Your Grades (and right before FINALS!)

Brought to you by the experts at Luvo.

A college education doesn’t come cheap these days. Everyone – including a presidential candidate or two – is talking about the price tag that comes along with an excellent education.

Well, we’re not experts in college tuition costs here at Luvo – but we are experts in crushing it at school. That is, making the most of your four years at college so you can bust open those big beautiful doors of opportunity that tantalize your imagination!

We get it, though; you’ve invested a lot in order to be a student at your college or university, and sometimes you just don’t have another thousand bucks to spend on extra things – even if they could help you do better in class.

The good news? You don’t always have to shell out the big bucks to get help improving your GPA. Check out our top five tips for absolutely rocking it on your finals this semester (*hint – they’re all free!).


#1: Check Out Luvo’s FREE Tutoring Days (Just in Time for Finals)

Luvo offers specialized tutoring for the specific classes in which you’re enrolled. Tutoring can make a tremendous difference in how well you perform in class.

Why? Well, think about it this way: if you’re hunting for a hidden treasure wouldn’t you rather get a map from someone who’s found the treasure before and knows exactly where it is? The alternative is to randomly dig around in the sand – and that’s not only a time suck, but it can be incredibly exhausting and disheartening.

*Visit Luvo to RSVP for Luvo’s upcoming FREE tutoring day on November 29.

#2: Form a Study Group

Studies have shown that students who create study groups with their peers do better on exams and projects than those that don’t. The only risk, of course, is spending your “study time” socializing instead of actually doing the work!

If you don’t have access to a study group, create your own. Luvo recommends selectively inviting the people in your group. Look around the classroom for students who seem to be very focused on understanding the material. Get together at least once a week in a quiet location where you can go over notes, ask questions, and compare ideas. You’ll see your grades start to reflect the added study time very quickly.


#3: Choose Nutrient-Dense Foods

Next time you’re in line in the cafeteria, instead of reaching directly for the mac ‘n cheese, try the wild rice instead. Scientists now understand that processed foods affect our ability to solve problems and think creatively.

In other words, yes, the foods you choose for lunch today will absolutely affect your effectiveness in the exam tomorrow. Go for whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and water instead of soda. You’ll feel better in your skin as your body receives proper nutrition – and guess what? You can make healthier choices without spending a fortune.

#4: Let Your Brain Rest

You won’t hear this too often when you’re in college, but it’s just as important to let your mind rest and restore as it is to cram information in. Have you ever stayed up super late to study or write a paper and, after a while, noticed that further information just wouldn’t stick?

Sometimes the best way to memorize notes or clear your head is to do something fun and/or restful – take a nap, play a game, call a friend from high school you haven’t connected with in a while. Give yourself a little break, and when you come back, you’ll be able to absorb the information much more effectively!

#5: Do Things that Make You Happy

Maybe it seems counter-intuitive, but people who are happier do better on tests! If you’re one of those students who forgo self-care and fun activities in favor of studying, take a look at just how far you’re taking things.

Of course, getting great grades will require a sacrifice to a certain extent – but if you find yourself miserable because you never get to do anything fun, try to find ways to enjoy life as you continue your college career! Even a few hours a week of really enjoyable activities will make you a happier person overall and a better student.


Be sure to check out Luvo’s FREE tutoring days by clicking HERE. Get completely prepared for a tough round of finals!

Do you have any tips to share? Post a comment below!


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