Brands We Love: Denik

At Barnes & Noble College, we’re so fortunate to work with so many different brands that are doing great things for the world and for their communities. One of these companies is Denik.



At Denik, they don’t just make regular notebooks and journals, they work with independent artists from all over the world to ensure that their products have a unique, authentic spin.

The reason? They firmly believe that art can change the world. And they truly are proof that this is possible.



A portion of their proceeds goes directly to building schools and back to supporting the artist. Last year, their artists, customers, and retail partners helped build a middle school in Mali. Not only that, they just finished funding the next school, located in Guatemala! Find out more about the schools here.

Their unique structure allows artists to make an impact on the world and lets consumers support that vision with their purchases.




Supporting independent artists and helping to build schools across the globe? That is something we can definitely get behind.


Be sure to check out Denik and the AMAZING products they carry. Check your Barnes & Noble College campus bookstore for availability!

Don’t forget to keep up with them on social media as well:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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