Last Minute Gift Ideas

With the blink of an eye, the holidays are already here. You finally approach your much-needed relaxation time, only to remember all of the holiday shopping you never got around to. We’ve all been there! Between studying for finals and endlessly writing papers, some things just had to be put on the back burner. The holidays shouldn’t be stressful – especially after all the stress you endured during finals week. That’s why we put together this last minute gift guide with ideas that are easy to snag!

Just think about what kind of gift you’re searching for, then take a look below.

Something Tech-y:



AuroBox Clock Speaker

This AuroBox Clock Speaker from the MoMA store will excite the tech lovers out there. This Bluetooth speaker displays a variety of LED light patterns that move to the beat of your music. You can also create your own drawings and animations series. Some other perks: customized notifications, real-time thermometer, and an intelligent alarm system that allows you to choose the song you wake up to.


Something Classic:



Alex and Ani Bracelet

What’s great about Alex and Ani bracelets are that you don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s been done before. These bracelets are meant to be layered, so the more the merrier! Any Alex and Ani lover will be thrilled to add a new addition to their collection. If it’s their first time receiving one, even better! You’ve now started a new tradition and can help them add to their collection on future holidays and occasions as well.


Something Useful:

Belvedere Planner


Pierre Belvedere Planner

You know that friend that keeps sticky notes everywhere, writes daily to-do lists, and has their closet arranged by color? Yes, that friend! Well with the New Year around the corner, they’ll probably need a new planner. This one has such a pretty design, they will want to show off their organization skills to everyone! They’ll also appreciate receiving a gift that will be used on a daily basis.


Something Comical:



Yoda Santa Claus Ugly Christmas Sweater

Some people appreciate a good laugh over any gift. How could you not smile after pulling out this sweater from its wrapping paper? It’s also a great conversation starter and definitely useful for all the Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties that are bound to happen every year. Not to mention, the Star Wars theme is super relevant right now.


Something Memorable:

Wine Glasses


White Wine Glass Set

This gift is truly beautiful and sentimental, especially for an alumni of your university. Whether the recipient chooses just to display them, or chooses to put them to good use, they will always appreciate the thought you put in while picking out this gift. Assuming you’re at least 21, you can also enjoy a glass of wine together and create memories, making this gift even more meaningful.


Something DIY:

Nalgene bottle


Nalgene Bottle Filled With Treats

This idea is super easy to put together last minute. Just find a nice Nalgene bottle, and then fill it to the top with little stocking stuffers and candy. You can even add a ribbon around the top for a nice holiday touch. The little “presents” inside make this gift thoughtful and fun to open. The best part is – the simplicity of it will definitely leave you stress-free before the holidays.


Do you have any more ideas for last minute gifts? Share with us below in the comments!


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