5 Reasons to Love Spring Semester

Heading back to school for spring semester is bitter sweet. You have to jump right back into classes and studying again after spending a month lounging around and binge-watching your favorite TV shows on Netflix. You go from enjoying home cooked meals everyday to eating ramen and dining hall food again. And depending on where you go to school, it might be absolutely freezing, which makes the walk to class dreadful (Isn’t it supposed to be SPRING semester??).

On the other hand, you get to be with all of your friends again, there are endless amounts of social events to attend, and you once again get some freedom from your family. No matter which way you feel about heading back to campus, we want to give you more reasons to love spring semester!


1. You’re already adapted to campus.

Even though you’re taking new classes this semester, you’re still more accustomed to the campus than you were during fall semester. Maybe you’re in your freshman year and this is only your second semester on campus. Or, maybe you’re an upper classman but this is your first year heading to classes from an off-campus apartment. Whatever the situation, you’ve already got your basic routine down after your fall semester. Because of this, it’s the perfect time to add something new to your schedule. If you were considering getting into a routine at the gym or joining a new club, now is the perfect time!

female college students wearing jeans standing next to a wall

2. The weather gets warmer.

Sure the start of the semester might be cold, but the good news is – it’s only going to get better. That should really keep you motivated! There’s just something so refreshing about being able to open your dorm room windows to let in that crisp spring air. And that feeling of togetherness brings a smile to our faces when we walk through campus on a warm day and everyone is out on the green playing catch or enjoying a good book.

Young man sitting on the bench and using tablet device on beautiful spring day.

3. Campus gets prettier.

You know how in fall you headed to class in awe over how beautiful the red and yellow trees were surrounding the place? Well, the same thing happens when the flowers start to bloom in spring. It’s an instant mood-booster when you’re walking to class and your campus is lined with trees filled with flowers and the ground is layered in pink and white petals.

Intentionally blurred field of cotton grass flowers in back light

4. Sports.

With spring semester comes more sports to participate in or watch. We get to enjoy baseball, softball and lacrosse just to name a few. And of course we can’t forget about March Madness! Even though college football is over, you can still enjoy hosting (or attending) a fun Super Bowl Sunday get-together.

White lacrosse head with blue netting with grey ball

5. The best end-of-semester reward: Summer Vacation!

It feels great going through spring semester knowing that once you get through it, you get to enjoy months of fun in the sun and relaxation. Sure you get winter break after fall semester, but it’s only about a month long and you don’t get to enjoy the outdoors if it’s cold or snowy in your area.  Also, knowing that summer months are ahead, maybe you’ll be inspired to spend spring semester getting fit and healthy!

Single sunglasses at the beach.Selective focus on the sunglasses


What are your favorite parts about spring semester? Tweet us and let us know!


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