How To: Keep Your Dorm Room Cozy This Winter

When you picture an ideal winter night, what do you see? For us, we think of cozying up with our pets on the family room sofa, sipping hot chocolate in front of the fireplace, and reading a good book. Unfortunately, living in a dorm makes this scenario a bit hard to achieve. We love being away at college – but dorm rooms aren’t exactly the coziest places during the long and cold winters!

This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your comfort. There are ways to keep your dorm room warm and cozy this winter without setting off the building’s fire alarm or sneaking in your family pet! Let us take you through a few ideas to try out on your own.

Invest in a cable knit blanket.


Make your bed feel like a big comfy sweater this winter with a cable knit throw. You’ll feel amazingly warm and snug with this wrapped around you during a movie night with your roommate and you’ll sleep like a baby with it layered over your sheets. The sweater-like appearance also provides a cozy aesthetic within the room. This blanket from Pottery Barn is a great choice. There are also plenty of cheaper options available online.

Add some extra pillows to your bed. 

DIY Pillows

Adding more pillows to your bed is a great way to add more coziness to your dorm room. Sinking into a pile of pillows provides undeniable comfort and will send you diving into bed after coming in from a long cold day. Learn how to make the above DIY throw pillows over at Suburban Renovation.

Place a fuzzy rug by your bed.

Sheepskin Rug


One of the worst parts about getting up for class on a cold morning is stepping out from your bed and onto the icy tile floors. Make that first step out of bed warm and soft with a small area rug right next to your bedside. We love this faux sheepskin rug from IKEA.

Hang up thermal curtains.


Thermal curtains are great at keeping cold air out. But besides that fact, the thicker material provides a more closed-in and homey feeling within your dorm, which will leave the room feeling cozier. The curtains pictured above are super affordable and available at Walmart.

Enjoy the flickering of flameless candles.


Unfortunately, we can’t have fireplaces or candles within our dorm rooms even though a nice fire makes a huge difference when it comes to feeling cozy. However, you can still get that feeling of having a nice flickering flame within your room by getting some flameless LED candles. Even though the fire isn’t real, your room will visually appear to be cozier. You can find a set of three flameless candles here.

Watch a virtual fireplace video.

Still missing that fireplace? Lay back on your pile of pillows, cover up in your cable knit blanket, and open up your laptop. This virtual fireplace provides the visual and sounds of a real life fireplace. Play this video along with some of your favorite comforting tunes and you’re golden! Find a selection of virtual fireplaces here.



Share with us how YOU keep cozy during the winter. Tweet us or comment below.


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