Resolution Solutions: Make Your Goals and Stick to Them

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? If so, are you still sticking to it? It’s as if we’re the punch line of our own joke. We get so hyped about a new year starting so that we can start fresh with new goals, only to forget about them within just a couple of weeks. Some of us don’t even bother making a resolution because we feel silly jumping on the bandwagon of people that often fail at sticking the changes they promised themselves they would make.

But in all honesty, it’s not silly to make a resolution. Would you ever tell someone not to set goals in life because they might not achieve them? It sounds ridiculous when you put it that way, right? Improving your lifestyle is something you should always strive to do. But how do we actually stick to these goals throughout the entire year? Well, we’re here to help with that.


Try thinking of it as a goal as opposed to a resolution.

Chances are if you’re still working on your resolution in March, you’re probably not still calling it a resolution. We really only think of a resolution as something that’s relevant in late December/early January, so it’s not surprising that by February we’ve already forgotten about it. You have a better chance of sticking to your lifestyle change if you refer to it as a goal. Goals are never outdated.

Work in phases.

You don’t have to make a complete 180 right away. Make one small change at a time. It will be easier to adjust to each change, which will in turn make the changes more likely to last.  On top of that, knowing that you have more changes to make will keep your goal on your mind longer. For example, say your goal is to exercise more. If you hit the gym hard every day you’re going to wear yourself out and drop the goal all together. Start by going on short jogs for the first few weeks of your goal. Afterwards, you can plan on adding some weight training to your routine. Keep setting future goals to add to your routine so that you get adjusted to each change and you constantly have something new to work toward.

Write out a to-do list.

If you just make a mental note of what you want to accomplish, it’s easy to say “never mind” because no one is really keeping track anyways. But, that all changes if you write out daily to-do lists with your goals. If you are actually sticking to your goals and crossing things of your lists, it will give you that sense of satisfaction and the motivation to keep going when you can physically see everything you’ve accomplished each day. On the other hand, you’ll also be able to see the empty promises you made to yourself when you decided you’d rather not hit the library for that extra study session or go on that run that you had originally planned. This is basically your daily reminder of what you are or aren’t accomplishing, and it should give you that nudge to try harder.

Surround yourself with things that will help you achieve your goal.

If your goal is to eat healthier, keep healthy snacks around such as carrot sticks, nuts, and fruit. Also, take those soda cans out of your mini fridge and just keep the water bottles. Want to be more fit? Get yourself a Fitbit to track your steps, keep some weights in your dorm room, and hang up some motivational posters and quotes by your desk. Trying to be a more positive person? Spend more time with that friend that’s always looking at the bright side of things. Get the idea? Good. It might seem simple and obvious, but it’s important because these are the things that will actually put your goals into action.


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