Resume Builder: 5 Online Publications You Can Write For

Job searching after college is frustrating. We can spend most of our college career interning, but it seems like there will still always be employers saying that we don’t have enough experience for the entry-level positions they’re hiring for. Or, we’re going up against hundreds of other applicants that all somehow seem way more qualified than us. What more could we have done?

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There are plenty of extra fillers you can add to your resume that are super simple and don’t require a ton of time. Becoming a contributor for an online publication is actually very easy, and it’s something you can add to your resume and career portfolioYou don’t have to be a Journalism major to reap the benefits of this resume builder. Writing skills are valuable in any profession, and having your work published shows determination and involvement.

Some online publications make contributing posts a breeze for college students, meaning you don’t have to understand how to write fancy pitch letters and you don’t need a portfolio filled with prior writing samples.

Below, we listed some of the easiest places where you can get your ideas published. See which ones resonate with you best and give them a try!


1. Spoon University

To all the foodies out there – this one is for you! Spoon University has a network of over 3,000 contributors from over 100 college campuses. Together, they publish articles, videos and photos with a mission to make food make sense. From finding easy recipes to dishing on the best restaurants around campus, Spoon University simplifies college eating.

If you’re confident in your ability to write about food, drinks, health and wellness, body image, and/or travel, then why not give this a shot? You don’t need prior experience writing for a publication, all you need are fresh ideas!

Learn how you can start a chapter or contribute here.

2. Total Frat Move/Total Sorority Move

Are you a member of Greek life? If so, you’ll have a lot to contribute on these platforms. Whether you want to write about your own experiences, advice for others in Greek life, or just something funny and shareable, you can do it here. With Total Frat Move and Total Sorority Move, you can submit photos, columns, videos, wall posts and news tips. Chances are, if you’re in Greek life then you already see TSM and TFM articles circulating on social media all the time.  How cool would it be if your column went viral?

3. BuzzFeed

Did you know you could have your article posted on the front page of BuzzFeed? Imagine how many readers you could reach! BuzzFeed has this awesome tool called BuzzFeed Community, where anyone can easily submit posts that BuzzFeed’s team of editors can promote.  All you need to do is come up with a fun and original idea, create an account, and submit the article (or quiz!) using BuzzFeed Community’s simple CMS system.

If the editors like what they see, your work will be promoted to the community front page, meaning it will reach tons of readers. Even better, if your post is REALLY good, it can even get boosted to the front page of the whole BuzzFeed website!

4. Her Campus

Her Campus is similar to Spoon University in the fact that you can start a chapter at your school, which gives you access to media conferences, career development skills and connections, branded social media experience, and the ability to upload editorial content to your team’s page. You can also submit work without being part of a chapter through their open submission form. Through Her Campus, editorial topics cover style, life, love, career (great for your portfolio!), health, and more.

5. The Odyssey

The concept at The Odyssey is actually quite cool. Two students from Indiana University created the publication after realizing the diverse stories, opinions and perspectives of their generation all around them were not being heard. Tired of the way traditional news fails at engaging millennials, they created this platform allowing local ideas and stories to be told on a national level and enabling them to reach their most relevant audiences organically. Topics in The Odyssey can be anything that matters to you. If you feel your ideas are worth sharing, you can submit your work through The Odyssey’s open submission form.


If you’re looking for more easy resume builders, we’ve got more! Think we’re missing something? Tweet us or comment below and let us know.


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