What to Wear: Campus Gym

One of the great perks about college life is having a gym accessible to you right on campus. We love this about college campuses! And, it’s not just because working out keeps us healthy (Although that is super important). What we really like is that sense of accomplishment we get after completing a good workout. Going to the gym makes us feel great about ourselves, and to make us feel even better, we like looking good while we’re there!

Don’t get us wrong, we totally understand how ridiculous it is getting all dressed up when we’re just going to get all sweaty. What we mean is, we like to feel our best by looking good but staying practical at the same time. Check out some of our go-to gym looks for a day at the campus gym.


Look #1: Trendy Track-Inspired.

If you weren’t already inspired to get your jog on, you will be now! The gray quarter zip-up and black Nike capri are form fitting with breathable material, which makes them perfect for activities with plenty of movement. Make it pop with color by adding a headband and some matching sneakers. Also, don’t forget your water bottle for hydration and a Fitbit if you want to track your activity.

Gym at Penn State

Look #2: Simple and Versatile.

Whether you’re heading to spin class or hitting the weight room, this outfit is always practical. The patterned leggings add some flare to the otherwise simple outfit. And the racer-back tank? Let’s just say there won’t be any visible sweating with this one! We also love the idea of a drawstring bag for the gym – they’re super lightweight and just the right size for your gym essentials.

Gym at Loyola

Look #3: Super Sporty.

This look is so effortless, but we love it because it still looks so well put together! The Nike V neck is made with 100% performance polyester fabric and the endurance shorts are super lightweight and breathable. Wear this while participating in intramural sports, or while hitting up the exercise machines. If you’re more into sports, the Nike bag is great for holding equipment!

Gym at Rutgers

Look #4: Strong and Sharp

Guys! We haven’t forgotten about you. Basketball shorts are a great go-to among guys because they’re light and non-constricting during activity. Why not pair them with an Under Armour zip up? The brand is made for athletes, so you can be sure you’re sporting the best. While you’re at it, a great pair of sneakers, sweatbands, and a sturdy reusable water bottle are perfect gym essentials. Gym at Texas A&M


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