College Myths: Debunked

Just seeing the word “college” probably sparks an image in your mind. But chances are, nobody is going to experience college like Larry and Kent did in National Lampoon’s “Animal House.” And girls, don’t get your hopes up on joining Greek life and having a house mom like Anna Faris in “The House Bunny.”

But all jokes asides, we want to clear the air once and for all. We’ve listed some common college myths you may have heard of, and we’ll give you the scoop on what they’re really about!




The dreaded freshman 15.

Although it’s up to you to make healthy eating choices, most freshman don’t actually gain that much weight. College dining halls are filled with a variety of food options, so you won’t be stuck eating pizza and burgers all the time unless you choose to.


Rooming with best friend will make you hate each other.

Going from seeing each other for a few hours a day to living with each other is a big change, so it does take some adjustments. However, as long as you and your roommate communicate well and set some boundaries, there is no reason why living together should start a feud!


Good grades, enough sleep, a social life – you can only choose two.

Of course, college takes some time management skills. You should never feel deprived of meeting all of your personal needs, though. They key here is balance. When you learn to prioritize certain tasks over others and kick those nasty procrastination habits, there’s no reason why you can’t have good grades, enough sleep, AND a social life.




Skipping class is no big deal.

College classes meet way less often than your high school classes did, which means your professors are feeding you information more rapidly. Your professors also aren’t going to chase you down with all the work you missed when you skipped class, so it’s up to you to play catch up.


Dining hall food gets boring fast.

Sure, if you grab a slice of pizza from the dining hall every day then you’ll likely get bored of pizza. Dining halls are never that boring, though! Something as simple as changing the condiments on your sandwich or the side dish with your chicken dinner might make all the difference. There are also plenty of dorm-approved recipes available for you to try out when you’re not really feeling your school’s dining hall.


College lasts four years.

Yes, typically college is split into four different years – freshman, sophomore, junior and senior. But there are many reasons why someone might stay an extra year or two, such as switching majors or adding minors and specializations to their degree. The fact of it is, everyone does things at their own pace – and that’s okay!


Did any of these surprise you? Hopefully, college will feel like less of a mythical land now. Let us know what other college myths you’re curious about in the comments below, or on Twitter.





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