Spring Cleaning: Dorm Edition

cleaning_materials_2__Spring is approaching…

We think there’s no better time on campus. The weather gets warmer, the flowers start blooming, and we can finally open our dorm room windows again and let in some fresh air. With the turn of the season, it’s the perfect time to get a fresh start. You know what that means… spring cleaning!

Although the thought of spring cleaning might not sound too exciting, it’s probably worth it for you to do a bit of tidying up. Dorm rooms are definitely not the most spacious of places to be living in, so clearing that winter clutter will come in handy. Not to mention, you’ve probably accumulated a fair amount of dirt and dust throughout the winter.

So, let’s begin…


Think of all the times you and your friends have walked in and out of your dorm room. Now imagine all the dirt you guys have probably carried in. Trust us, it’s a lot – especially on those snowy days where you trekked through slushy roads and sidewalks, and then came indoors with wet boots on.

For carpeted dorm rooms, make sure to tackle your carpet with a vacuum and pay extra attention to heavy traffic areas, such as right by the doorway. For non-carpeted floors, give them some shine by mopping the area with water mixed with a floor cleaner, or using a Swiffer mop.

Pro tip #1: Sprinkling the carpet with baking soda before you vacuum will help freshen up the carpet and eliminate any odors. You can also mix the baking soda with a few drops of essential oils (lavender is preferred) to give it a nice scent.

Pro tip #2: You should still vacuum or sweep up dust and dirt with a broom and dustpan before washing non-carpeted floors. Otherwise, you’ll just be left with muddy puddles when you mop.

Closet & Drawers

Dorm closets are small – there’s no question about that. With winter coming to an end, it’s a good idea to sift through your bulky winter attire and pack it up to go home. Make sure you leave some warm clothing, though. There’s bound to still be some chilly nights ahead! While you’re at it, create even more space by tossing any clothing you don’t wear anymore.

Pro tip #3: If you can’t make arrangements to get your winter clothing back home, keep it in a storage bin that can easily slide beneath your bed.

Pro tip #4: If you have trouble getting rid of clothing, use this method: Mark the middle of your closet with something like a ribbon or piece of tape. Every time you’re done wearing something, hang it back up in your closet on the right side of your marker. After about a month, see which clothes are still on the left side. These are the clothes you should get rid of. If you haven’t worn it, you won’t miss it – trust us!

Still struggling for space? Check out some more of our DIY space saving hacks.


Your desk has probably accumulated more than just dust over the winter – it’s likely that you’ve filled the space with old essays, notes, and take out menus as well. Now is a great time to rummage through all that clutter, toss everything that you no longer need, and organize everything that you do.

Pro tip #5: Stop desk clutter by placing your scissors, pens, and other desk necessities into an inexpensive desk organizer, or use cups or mason jars as an alternative.

Pro tip #6: Save desk space by filing your papers in upside down metal display easels that you can hang on the wall.

Hard Surfaces

All you have left to do now is to clean off the rest of the hard surfaces in your room – shelves, desk tops, window ledges, etc. If you don’t tackle these spots on the regular, they’ve probably accumulated a ton of dust. When you live in a tiny room, you can bet you’re breathing in these dust particles – that mixed with your usual spring allergies is just a total nightmare.

Pro tip #7: Mixing equal parts water and white vinegar with a few drops of essential oil makes a cheap and all natural surface cleaner.

Pro tip #8: Instead of spending money on paper towels, you can re-purpose old t-shirts by cutting them up into reusable cleaning rags.


Well, there you have it – your dorm room is all ready for spring! We’re suckers for DIY cleaning tips. Have any? We want to know! Tweet us or comment below.




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