5 Online Games to Play on Your Study Break

Do you ever find yourself browsing the web while you unwind between study sessions? That’s why we listed our top five favorite online games for you to try the next time you need a break from the textbooks. The best part? They’re all free!


1. Geoguessr

Geoguessr drops you off in a random location using Google Maps Street View images. You could be in the middle of a rural area, or deep in the heart of a city. The idea is to guess where in the world you are based on what you see in the locations around you.


Online Games Geoguessr


2. Little Alchemy

This game starts off easy and gradually becomes more challenging. You start with the most basic elements – earth, wind, water, and air – and you have to keep finding new combinations of elements in order to create new ones. There are up to 560 combinations – see how many you can figure out! Play here.


Online Games Little Alchemy


3. Google Feud

You know how when you start typing something into Google, a drop down menu autocompletes your search with the most popular suggestions? Sometimes they suggest the strangest things! Google Feud is a Family Feud style guessing game where you have guess how Google would autocomplete the search. See if you can guess them all without getting three strikes!


Online Games Google Feud


4. Multitask

If you like a challenge, this one is for you. Multitask starts you off with one mini game, and then gradually adds more mini games that you’ll have to play at the same time. See how many games you can keep up with before you lose. The comments on this game prove it’s both addicting and challenging!


Online Games Multitask


5. Mini Putt 3

If that last game was too stressful, you might like this one. Mini Putt 3 is for the more mellow folks out there. For this game, simply use your cursor to aim and shoot golf balls on a virtual mini golf course. You can play alone or have up to four players – get your roomies in on the fun!


Online Games Mini Putt






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