5 Reasons Why *Class Friends* Are the Best Friends

From your fellow dorm hall buddies to your peers in the clubs and organizations you’ve joined, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with some cool new people on campus. Class friends, however, are the ultimate best friends you could make in college. Why is that, you ask? Here are five reasons!


1. You’ll have a study buddy.

Setting a study date with friends gives you more of an incentive to study in the first place. Also, two heads are better than one! Studying with your friends allows you to pick up on important information you may have missed during lecture.


class friends


2. You’re sure to find people with similar interests.

Think about it – you sign up for a class because it’s part of your major, or because it’s a free elective that you find interesting. Either way, the friends you meet are bound to connect with you in some aspect. You’re also likely see them around in future classes – might as well get to know them, right?


3. You can exchange and compare notes.

You know those times when the professor switches through the PowerPoint slides way too quickly? Or how about those times you completely zone out on accident and miss an important tidbit of information? In these moments, it’s great having a friend to fill you in on anything important you may have missed in your notes.


class friends


4. Your class friends can help clarify confusing assignments.

So, it’s the night before an assignment is due and you finally sit down to get started. You then realize that you don’t actually understand the assignment, and it’s way too late to email your professor or visit their office hours with your questions. This is when your class friends are like superheros – they’re just a quick text away!


5. Classes fly by.

Time flies when you’re having fun! Class might not be your idea of a fun time, but it’s definitely more exciting when you’ve got friends by your side. It actually gives you a reason to look forward to class!


class friends



Making friends in your class seems great, right? It definitely has it’s perks! Share your feedback with us in the comments below or on Twitter.







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