Recharging: Tips on Fighting Mid-Semester Burnout

You’ve gotten half way through the semester successfully. However, between midterms, group projects, and your internship or job, it seems like the end of the semester couldn’t come sooner. Feeling that “college burnout” is normal. With so many demanding responsibilities and stressful goals, it’s sometimes hard to stay motivated. Unfortunately, we can’t just hop on a plane to a deserted island for some R&R whenever we need it. We have to keep going, even when we feel too burnt out.

Because we understand how draining this mid-semester burnout can be, we came up with these three tips to help you feel recharged and ready to take on the rest of the semester.



Prioritize & eliminate responsibilities.

If you have more responsibilities than you can keep up with, you’re sure to feel burnt out. The only way to truly eliminate this draining feeling is to cut down on those tasks. Here’s how to cut down:

1. Ask yourself which responsibilities are most important.

These should be your primary focus. The rest can wait – we promise! Don’t let the small things haunt you when you’ve got way more important things to take care of.

2. Recruit some help.

Look, we’re not suggesting you get people to take on your responsibilities. Rather, we’re suggesting that you don’t take on the bulk of the work when others are available. Once you’ve figured out what your most important responsibilities are, come up with ways to break up the work. Working on a group project? Let your group members know you’ve bit off more than you can chew, and see if they’re willing to take something off your back. Took on too many shifts at work? See if any coworkers would like to make some more cash by covering some of your shifts.

3. Realize if it’s not benefiting you or your schooling, you don’t need to do it!

We hold ourselves to a high standard – as we should! But, remember you’re only a human and not some sort of multitasking superhero. While you have to do all the exams and projects on your syllabus, other responsibilities might not be as important. For example, maybe you joined a volunteer organization on campus that holds a lot of meetings. Although volunteering and getting involved on campus is great, it’s something you can put aside for when you have more time. For now, use the extra time to study for midterms or get some much-needed sleep.

Plan a weekend of pure relaxation.

FOMO is a feeling college students are all too familiar with. This “Fear Of Missing Out” happens when all of our friends are enjoying a weekend out, and we join in even when we know we shouldn’t. However, burnout happens because you’re stressed and exhausted, so spending every weekend out partying when your weekdays are already draining isn’t doing you any good.

For one weekend, put your crazy plans with your friends aside and just spend the days relaxing and recuperating. This doesn’t mean just staying in bed all day (although catching up on some sleep is a good idea!). Use this time to just enjoy yourself in ways that don’t require too much stress or energy – taking a walk, having a movie marathon, cooking your favorite comfort meal, etc. 

You won’t realize how badly you needed it until you see how great you feel when you head back to class on Monday!

Find inspiration.

Sometimes all you need is some inspiration in order to pick yourself up and keep going again. We suggest reading through some motivational quotes, reading up on your role models, or watching some videos that are meant to inspire. This might sound too simple to actually work, but feeding your mind these positive thoughts will actually help you feel less drained with the negative emotions you’ve been experiencing. Give it a shot!


You CAN get through this burnt out feeling! Have some advice of your own? We want to hear it! Tweet us or comment below.





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