5 Reasons to Spend More Time Outside

It’s too often that students get so caught up in their work, they end up spending entire days cooped up in the library or in their dorm rooms. If you’re looking for an excuse to put the studying aside for a bit and enjoy nature, we’ve got five great reasons why you should!

1. It boosts your physical health.

Sunlight is a natural way to get vitamin D, which is known for boosting the immune system and preventing diseases like osteoporosis. It has also been speculated that spending time outdoors may decrease your risk of diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease as well.



2. It improves brain function and focus.

You know that big exam you have to study for? Put the textbooks down and go for a nature walk before you study. How’s that for a reason to procrastinate a bit longer? But, all jokes aside, studies have actually found that students who spend more time in nature have an easier time focusing and performing mental tasks.


3. It relieves stress.

College students are all too familiar with stress. It basically feels unavoidable with all of the tests and projects throughout the semester, right? However, spending time outside actually decreases levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.




4. It keeps you positive.

Sometimes, especially as college students, we begin feeling drained and burnt out from all of the responsibilities we have. Spending time in nature is actually a restorative behavior, meaning you’ll feel less bummed and more positive after spending time in an outdoor environment.


5. It increases your creativity.

You may not get past that writer’s block you have by sitting in front of your computer screen for hours, but spending time outside might help you greatly. Heading outdoors can actually help improve creative thinking. Consider going on a walk around campus next time you need inspiration for a creative project!


Now that you have all the reasons, log off of your computer and head outside… nature is calling! Show us your photos of how you’re enjoying the outdoors at your college campus, and make sure to tag us on Instagram!






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  1. James Gregory Coney says:

    I absolutely LOVE taking walks and going for hikes with my beautiful wife, it makes for a wonderful day!!!!

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