Simple Ways to Feel More Confident

Confidence isn’t something you’re just born with, and it’s certainly not something only more outgoing people have. No matter who you are, you can work on feeling more confident every day with these simple tips!


Focus on your strengths.

Whenever you’re put into a situation where you don’t feel very confident, take a step back and remember what you’re good at. There is always a positive, so quit thinking about the negative!


Let go of failures and mistakes.

At the end of the day, you are your toughest critic. It’s normal to be hard on yourself when things don’t turn out as the way you wanted them to, but mistakes are a normal part of life. Don’t let the little things haunt you!




Try new things.

Trying new things means gaining new experiences and learning. Maybe you’ll find something new that you’re really good at! When you’re always willing to try new things, you’ll get used to leaving your comfort zone and have more confidence doing so.


Challenge yourself.

You’ll never realize the extent of what you can accomplish until you start challenging yourself. Try challenging yourself in a bunch of different ways – participate more in class, go to lunch with someone you normally wouldn’t hang out with, apply for that internship you thought was out of your reach, etc.




Learn to laugh at yourself.

Have you ever not done something because you feared you would mess up and embarrass yourself? If things don’t go as planned, just laugh and move on. No one is judging you but yourself!


Remember your successes.

Even the most modest person should remember their successes. It doesn’t matter if these successes are big or small – remembering that you’ve been successful is an instant reminder of what you can accomplish.




Stop comparing yourself.

Your only competition should be with yourself. If you’re always looking at the people you think are better than you, you’ll never feel good about yourself. At the end of the day, improving yourself  is what matters!


The next time you’re not feeling so confident, remember these simple tips. You’ll be surprised at how much more you can accomplish! Let us know how you stay confident in the comments, or shoot us a tweet!







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