What to Wear: Job or Internship

So, you’ve officially landed that internship you wanted – congratulations! This is an important stage in your college career. Being that internships are often the first time students are exposed to a professional setting, it can get a bit confusing figuring out what to wear. This is an important time to make a great impression, so we put together this guide on how to dress for your internship so you can step into the office feeling confident!


Business Formal


It’s not common for businesses to require a business formal outfit these days, but it does happen. Typically, business formal outfits are worn in industries like finance, or during meetings and presentations. If your company requires this type of dress code, here’s what you need to know:


  • Dark matching dress suit – either a skirt or pants are fine
  • Closed-toe heels or flats
  • Button-down shirt or a blouse underneath the suit jacket


  • Dark matching suit
  • Dress shirt
  • A plain tie
  • Dark leather dress shoes


Business Casual


Business casual is the most common dress code for businesses. While the name suggests it’s casual, you’ll still want to have a clean look and steer clear of jeans and sneakers. With business casual, you have more freedom to mix and match patterns and colors than you do with business formal.


  • Dress pants, dark pants, skirts, or dresses
  • Blouses or button-down shirts
  • Blazers or cardigans
  • Flats or heels


  • Dress pants or khakis
  • Button-down shirt
  • Loafers or dress shoes




Many companies, especially start-ups, are becoming more laid back with their dress codes. If your internship allows you to dress casual, we suggest paying careful attention to what others in the company are wearing. However as a basic rule, you’ll still want to look well kept and modest (no lounge wear!).


  • Blouse or sweater
  • Jeans (preferably dark-washed) or dark pants
  • Flats or clean sneakers


  • Polo, button-down shirt, or sweater
  • Khakis or jeans (dark-washed)
  • Clean sneakers or loafers


With this guide in mind, you’re sure to make a lasting impression at your new internship. Have any more questions? Comment below or shoot us a tweet! #Internship






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  1. Debbie Engle says:

    I really appreciate you gathering all this information for students. Thank you very much.

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