Didn’t Get a Summer Internship?

You tried your best but you didn’t end up with that summer internship you were hoping for? Don’t sweat it! You can still have a productive summer. Check out our tips to gain valuable experience this summer, even without an internship.

Don’t give up just yet.

New internship opportunities can pop up when you least expect it. Keep your eyes peeled and keep applying!


Find a part-time job.

It might not be the ideal summer career experience, but hey – at least you’re earning some extra cash and staying productive! Plus, part time job experience is still a good resume builder.


Start a blog.

Blogging isn’t just a fun hobby – it’s also a pretty cool side project you can add to your resume. Learn how to create a successful blog here.





According to a survey, 41% of LinkedIn hiring managers consider volunteer work just as valuable as paid work experience. Plus, helping out a cause feels pretty good!


Take a summer course.

A free summer is the perfect time to knock off some of those credits you need to fill. Don’t want to spend your summer on campus? Check out which online courses your school offers.


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From web developers and programmers to writers and graphic designers – there are freelance opportunities for many areas of expertise. Try contributing as a writer on one of these websites!

Don’t beat yourself up about the internship you didn’t get – these tips will help build your resume for future internships! Need more advice on landing an internship? Leave your questions below, or send us a tweet – @BNcollege.





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