On the Go De-Stress Techniques

Heading to the first day of your new internship? Running around trying to meet a deadline? Stress can hit at any time and any place. Show your stress who’s boss with our simple de-stress techniques that you can practice on the go!


Think of a mantra.

Choose any word or phrase that’s calming to you, and focus your attention on this mantra as you repeat it to yourself. Click here for some mantra examples.



Getting in a good stretch can instantly calm down any stress you’re feeling. Try to hold your stretch for about 15 seconds.




Count down.

Slowly count down from 10 and take a deep breath with each number. You can also try visualizing yourself sinking deeper into relaxation as you count down.


Practice imagery and visualization. 

You might be headed to a busy office for your internship, but you can still take your mind to paradise! Visualize yourself in a relaxing setting – such as a tropical island or a mountainside – and really focus on taking all of your senses there. If you’ve got some headphones with you, listen to some nature sounds, too!





Those little masterpieces you make on the side of your notebook actually help relieve stress! Keep a pen and notepad handy for when you need to get to your zen place.


Deep breathing.

In through your nose. Out through your mouth. Repeat. It’s as simple as that!




How do you like to de-stress? Share you tips with us in the comments below, or feel free to shoot us a tweet – @BNcollege.








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