10 (Realistic) Goals to Set For Yourself This Summer

During the summer, there’s so much more time to work on ourselves and try new things. We’re all about self-improvement here at The College Juice, so that’s why we’re challenging you to set these 10 goals this summer. Are you ready?




1. Find a side project.

Having a side project is a good way to build your resume. Start a blog, create a podcast series, take on some freelance work… whatever works best for you!


2. Leave your comfort zone.

It’s easy to settle for the safe side, but great things never come from comfort zones! Challenge yourself to experience something cool that you normally would never do. You’ll feel proud of yourself afterwards!


3. Schedule more alone time.

Of course you’ll want to have an enjoyable summer with your friends, but having regular alone time is good for you. You can use this time to relax, reflect, or just do something that you love.




4. Learn something new.

Successful people always look for ways to improve themselves. It doesn’t have to be anything too complicated, either! Learning something new can be something as small as riding a bike. The important thing is that you’re taking time to work on yourself.


5. Give back.

Donate to a cause, volunteer at a shelter, or simply help a friend out with a task. Make it a point to regularly find ways to give back this summer. It feels great!


6. Read more.

With a hectic schedule, we sometimes dismiss making time for relaxing activities like reading. Pick up some new books this summer – you’ll be surprised how much of an adventure a good book can be!




7. Break a bad habit.

Can’t stop biting your nails? Are you consistently late for appointments?We all have some sort of bad habit. Whatever it is, kick it to the curb!


8. Focus on new experiences.

Summer is the time where we have the least busy schedules, so use that to your advantage. Instead of sticking to your normal day-to-day tasks, try to build as many new experiences as you can this summer. By the way, we’ve got a few (slightly crazy) ideas!




9. Get more exercise.

The summer months are perfect for getting into a new exercise routine. There’s way more free time to dedicate to fitness, and the warmer weather allows a wider variety of exercise options. Try going on regular hikes or bike rides!


10. Stop judging yourself.

You’re your toughest critic – plain and simple. Use the summer to focus on swapping out your negative thoughts for more positive ones.


Do you have any more goals for the summer? We want to hear them! Leave your ideas in the comments below or shoot us a tweet.







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