6 Apps for Relaxation

You often hear people suggest ‘unplugging’ for a bit in order to relax – you know, putting down that technology you’re always glued to and just being present. What if we told you that’s totally not necessary? Hang onto your phone a bit longer, and check out some of these apps we found that will actually help you relax!


1. Calm

While you might not be a master of meditation, you can still take a few minutes out of your day to practice some mindfulness. Calm is a free app that let’s you choose between a selection of guided meditations, or just some soothing sounds to let your mind drift away to.



App Store | Google Play.


2. Daily Yoga

Can’t tell a Downward Facing Dog from a Warrior II? Not a problem! This app features a large database of yoga poses, so beginner yogis shouldn’t shy away from downloading. Once you’re ready to put the poses into action, start browsing through the app’s wide variety of instructional yoga videos.



App Store | Google Play.


3. Relax Melodies

This virtual library of soothing melodies and white noise is convenient for unwinding after a long day or combating your insomnia. The app has a bit of a fun perk too – you can play DJ by combining any of your favorite stress-busting sounds!



App Store | Google Play.


4. Sheep Counter

Still use that old trick where you count sheep until you’ve finally dozed off? Put a modern spin on this age-old tradition by downloading the Sheep Counter app. Needless to say, the app allows you to count sheep!



App Store | Google Play. (Note: Android doesn’t have Sheep Counter, but offers a similar alternative.)


5. Breath2Relax

If you experience stress often, Breathe2Relax is an app you may want to consider. The app not only educates on the effects of stress on the body, but it also takes you through some deep breathing exercises. Make sure to practice when that stress hits!



App Store | Google Play.


6. Colorfy

Last year, we did a whole post on why this app is a must-have. Basically, Colorfy is just a helpful little coloring book at the palm of your hand! Coloring is proven to be an effective way to relax – if meditation isn’t your style, give this one a shot!



App Store | Google Play.


How do you relax? Share your answers with us in the comments below or on Twitter.






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