6 Things All Exceptional Interns Do

News flash – internships aren’t actually like they appear in the movies! Instead of making regular Starbucks trips and spending the day at the copy machine, you’ll actually have real tasks and responsibilities. This might sound intimidating, but we took the liberty of highlighting a few things that all exceptional interns do so that you can leave the best impression!




1. Arrive early.

Tardiness is never a good look! Arriving early and ready to work shows enthusiasm toward learning and getting your job done. On a similar note, exceptional interns are also willing to stay late to complete any unfinished work.


2. Ask questions.

An internship is meant to be a learning experience, so asking questions is a must! Some interns shy away from asking questions out of fear that they’ll appear unprepared or unqualified. On the contrary, it actually shows that you’re eager to learn and grow professionally!


3. Take initiative.

While it’s certainly true that you’re there to learn, an internship isn’t the same as being in a classroom – meaning you shouldn’t sheepishly wait for instruction every day that you come in. Instead, prove that you’re a valuable asset to the team by finding ways to be proactive and helpful.




4. Keep a positive attitude.

A good attitude goes a long way. Avoid bringing any issues or negative feelings from your home life into the office. Employers want to see a positive and confident attitude daily – even on the stressful days!


5. Ask for feedback.

How can you grow professionally if you don’t know what you need to work on? Asking for feedback on your performance is a proactive way to learn how you can improve. Remember – everyone has room for improvement, so don’t feel insulted by constructive criticism!


6. Network.

Who you know does matter! The best interns are always growing their network. Make sure to keep in contact with the people you work closely with at your internship. You never know how they could help you out down the line!


Do you have any more questions about interning? We’d love to help! Leave your questions in the comments below or shoot us a tweet – @BNcollege.







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  1. Litza says:

    Thank you for the informations, I learned some news things while reading your lectures. I actually found out, I am doing what I love and should have done a long time. My problems are my health, because of it my family thinking I am wasting time. Since, I can’t work.

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