7 TV Premieres to Catch This Summer

Grab the popcorn and your best friends… this summer’s TV premieres are BIG! We rounded up some of the most anticipated summer premieres for your viewing pleasure. The line-up is filled with suspense thrillers and horrors with a few lighthearted comedies sprinkled in…check it out!


 1. American Gothic – June 22, CBS

This thrilling new series will leave you at the edge of your seat! A Boston family slowly discovers that they’re somehow linked to a string of murders. Mystery, paranoia, and suspense…it’s a dream show for the horror movie junkie!


2. Thirteen – June 23, BBC America

It’s been 13 years since Ivy Moxem was kidnapped from her home at just 13-years-old. The now 26-year-old woman has escaped from the cellar that was once her prison, and now her family must try to piece back together the life they had before Ivy’s disappearance.


3. Roadies – June 26, Showtime

Another brand new drama, Roadies is perfect for the music lovers out there. The series centers around a tour manager and road crew as they assist with a rock band’s cross country tour.


4. Dead of Summer – June 28, Freeform

Are horror stories your thing? Dead of Summer takes place at a summer camp in the 80s where a fun summer is soon filled with unpredictable evil happenings straight from ancient mythology.


5. The Night Of – July 10, HBO

A good crime story is always a nail-biter! This drama follows a murder case after a man wakes up from a night of hard partying and is charged with the murder of the woman whom he had spent the night with.


6. Vice Principals – July 17, HBO

Head back to high school in this amusing new comedy where two vice principals attempt to run a school and compete for the coveted role as principal. Imagine East Bound and Down with slightly different characters!


7. Sharknado: The 4th Awakens – July 31, Syfy

OK, fine you caught us,  this is a TV movie, not  a TV series, but it’s totally worth catching! The original Sharknado is a cult classic, known for being so bad it’s good. With intentionally ridiculous visual effects and outlandish scenes like shark infested cyclones, it’s hard to look away even though you might want to!


What are you watching this summer? Let’s discuss! Share your thoughts and reactions below in the comments or shoot us a tweet – @BNcollege.







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