Mistakes that Leave Hiring Managers Unimpressed

When competing against a large pool of applicants for a job, it’s important to stand out – but in the right way! Unfortunately, there are common mistakes that many job hunters fall victim to. We’ve highlighted a few things that leave hiring managers unimpressed – take a look!




Failing to research.

Don’t go into an interview blind! With so many resources available, there’s no excuse not to research a company ahead of time. Start with their website and social media sites!


Ignoring instructions.

The best way to prove you pay attention to detail is to show it. Follow all of the application instructions to a tee. If you only send in a resume when a hiring manager asks for work samples, you’re going to be ignored.


Forgetting to be conversational.

In addition to the right skills, employers are looking for someone who they can see themselves having a positive working relationship with. The interview should feel like a conversation, not an interrogation.




Not asking questions.

Failing to ask questions implies that you don’t feel any enthusiasm toward the position or that you’ll take any job that is offered to you. Think of thought provoking and original questions that relate to the role itself, the company, and your hiring manager if you have any! Click here for some examples.


Bad-mouthing a previous employer.

It doesn’t matter how horrible your last job was! If a hiring manager hears you talking smack about your previous boss, they’ll fear you will do the same thing to them!


Never following up.

Following up after an interview shows that you are genuinely interested in the position you interviewed for. Send an initial follow-up thanking them for their time, then reach out a few days later so you’ll remain fresh in their mind.


Before your next interview, leave these habits at the door!

Have any more questions about landing your dream job? We’d love to help! Leave your questions in the comments below or send us a tweet.








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