Do This, Not That: Simple Ways to Cut Down on Spending

Do you nervously avoid checking your bank account balance after some heavy spending? If so, we hear ya! But – instead of feeling guilty, you can take some action instead. We recommended some simple swaps you can make daily that will help you cut down on your spending. Get ready to save!


Brew your own coffee.

Instead of: Grabbing your caffeine fix from Starbucks.

Sure it’s sometimes hard to resist the convenience of the fancy cappuccinos and espressos from our favorite local coffee shops, but getting your caffeine fix doesn’t have to be expensive at all. In fact, brewing your own coffee each morning will only cost you pennies per cup!




Pack your own lunch.

Instead of: Going out to eat daily.

Packing your own lunch can save you dollars each and every day. Plus, you won’t have to worry about tipping your waiter!


Use reusable silverware.

Instead of: Buying paper or plastic plates and utensils.

We totally get it – washing dishes can be a pain! However, using reusable silverware is much cheaper than having to restock your plastic utensils all the time. Plus, you’ll have less trash to take out and it’s better for the environment!


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Drink water at restaurants.

Instead of: Ordering soda.

Swapping out soda for a cup of water will save you money every time you enjoy a meal out. Need some flavor? Ask your waiter to add some fresh lemon slices to your water.


Cook from scratch.

Instead of: Opting for pre-made food products.

The cost of individual ingredients come out less than any pre-made alternatives. When you can, start from scratch!




Use a water filter.

Instead of: Buying bottled water.

Why pay for water when you can get it for free? Brita filters are inexpensive, and you can use them to fill a reusable water bottle if you want your water on-the-go. It’s much more eco-friendly, too!


Walk or bike to class.

Instead of: Driving to class.

Given that you’re within a reasonable distance, walking and biking to class is the best form of transportation! You won’t have to worry about buying gas or paying that horrifying price for a parking pass. Too far to walk? Carpooling can help you save instead!




Invite friends over for a night in.

Instead of: Heading out on the town every weekend.

Cutting down on the amount of nights you go out doesn’t mean you have to cut down on the fun as well. Instead of planning a night out, invite your friends over for a get-together at your place. Try planning a pot luck so you guys can enjoy a good meal for less money!


Have any more ideas? Let us know how you cut your spending in the comments below or on Twitter.







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