8 Ways to Stay Active this Summer

We absolutely love summer because we finally have time to relax and enjoy a schedule free of busy classes and schoolwork. But let’s admit it, sometimes we fall into a habit of using this free time to lay around on the computer all day or binge-watch Netflix. If you can relate, check out these fun and easy ways to get yourself off of the couch and feeling active all summer long. Get pumped!


1. Take daily walks.

A brisk walk is never a chore – you get to enjoy the sunny weather and your peaceful surroundings. Plus, spending time in nature is actually good for you!




2. Ride your bike.

Whenever possible, pass up driving your car and opt for a bike ride instead. Summer weather only lasts a few months, so take advantage of it while you can!


3. Join a sports league.

Maybe you’re a beast at beach volleyball, or maybe you’ve got killer defense skills on the soccer field. Many community sports leagues are most active in the summer, so go ahead and get involved!


4. Go swimming.

Naturally, we all imagine ourselves spending summer cooling off in the pool or at the nearest lake or ocean. These activities not only make our summers feel complete, but they keep us active as well!


pexels-photo (8)


5. Get involved in group exercise.

Group exercise definitely trumps a solo workout when it comes to fun ways to stay active. Especially if you opt for something lively – like a zumba class!


6. Enjoy hiking.

Besides summer, when else would you have the time to experience and discover new hiking trails? Make this a regular activity for you and your friends. At the end of the day, you’ll be thinking more about the fun and adventure than the fitness part of it.




7. Do some work around the house.

Okay, this one might not sound too exciting. But sometimes we end up spending the day indoors when the hot summer weather becomes too unbearable. If you choose to pass up a day outside, you can still stay active by catching up on some work around the house.


8. Play catch.

Heading to the beach this summer? Instead of staying stagnant on your beach towel, start a friendly game of catch or frisbee. In our opinion, it’s more fun than catching some Z’s, anyway!


We want to know your favorite way to stay active! Share your answers in the comments below or send us a tweet!





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