Why Camping is the Ultimate Budget-Friendly Vacation

The perfect vacation is awaiting you – pure relaxation, amazing sight-seeing, and no big spending required. Did we lose you at that last part? Before you dismiss the idea of a summer getaway due to a tight budget, let us explain why camping is the ultimate vacation.





Save the hassle of dealing with a pricey flight and stick to a location within driving range. Find your nearest campground here.



Worried about roughin’ it in a tent? You might be surprised to hear it’s not all that rough after all. Many campgrounds have bathroom facilities and outlets at each campsite. Some even have WiFi! Now what was your excuse again??





Dishing out cash for a flight and hotel on a vacation is one thing, but you often have to pay for every activity you enjoy as well. Ouch! We’re only college students for crying out loud! That’s where camping comes in again.


When you think of sightseeing, you might envision something like a Hollywood tour on a double-decker bus. Not to throw any shade, but camping comes with an endless amount of intriguing sights, and it certainly doesn’t require purchasing a ticket. Think of hiking as your official sightseeing tour of your vacation destination!


Summer is the perfect time to witness some of the year’s best stargazing events, and a campground is the perfect place to view them! Click here to check out all of the upcoming meteor showers and jaw dropping celestial events.


It may be a bit different than swimming in a hotel pool, but taking a dip in a lake or river by your camp site is pretty darn refreshing!


Many campsites are conveniently located next to bodies of water with recreational activities available, and the prices aren’t steep at all. Tubing, kayaking, rafting… how could you be bored?


Mmmm… fresh s’mores by the campfire. Delish! And don’t forget about those scary stories….


Convinced yet? We’d love to see your camping adventures! Snap a pic on Instagram and make sure to tag us – @bncollege.






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