Healthy Alternatives for the Junk Food Lover

Taking the step to make healthier eating decisions is something to be proud of. It’s hard giving up those crave-able salty snacks and sugary junk foods! If you’re looking to take that step, check out these simple healthy swaps you can make to get you started on your journey.

Instead of delivery pizza…

Try: Cauliflower crust pizza

Are you scoffing at the idea of replacing those yummy carbs with cauliflower? Hey, don’t knock it ’til you try it! It’s actually super tasty when prepared the right way. Give this recipe a shot!




Instead of potato chips….

Try: Homemade Baked Potato Chips

It’s easy to grab a bag of potato chips as a quick snack, but these greasy treats are loaded with unhealthy fats and sodium. If you can’t get enough of that addicting potato chip crunch, try a homemade baked version instead. It’s simple and much healthier!


Instead of cookies…

Try: Granola

A warm chocolate chip or oatmeal cookie is pretty temping – not going to lie! But homemade granola might make you rethink your cookie craving… it’s super delicious! Try this quick recipe.




Instead of cakes and danishes…

Try: Special K Pastry Crisps

It’s totally okay to treat yourself to some dessert after a meal sometimes – but if you’re looking to get that sweet pastry taste without all the calories, give these pastry crisps a try!


Instead of tortilla chips and queso…

Try: Whole grain pita chips and hummus

Those salty tortilla chips do get tempting, but whole grain pita chips with hummus are certainly not short on flavor. An easy swap in our opinion!




Instead of candy…

Try: dried fruit mixed with chocolate chocolate chips

We get it – sometimes you need a quick sugar fix! Dried fruit is a great alternative because it’s sweet and bite sized. Add in some chocolate chips for more fun!


Instead of soda or juice…

Try: Fruit infused water

Many people immediately dismiss the idea of swapping their soda with water because they need something with flavor. The solution? Infuse your water with natural fruit flavor! Check out these recipes.




Instead of a milkshake…

Try: A fruit smoothie

Your go-to frozen dessert drink doesn’t have to have copious amounts of calories and fat… try a smoothie instead! They’re sweet, frozen, and packed with nutritional benefits.


Do you have any more suggestions? Leave your feedback in the comments below or shoot us a tweet!



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