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There’s always a lot of hype around how many new friends you’ll meet when you head to college, but what about the friends and family you’re leaving behind at home? Fortunately, you can keep your current relationships strong by keeping in touch while you’re away at school. Here’s how!




Reach out on social media.

Social media is the ultimate way to stay in touch with your friends – it’s basically effortless! Go ahead and Snapchat your friends with that ridiculous filter, and don’t hesitate on sliding into their DMs with that funny meme you saw on Instagram. It can go a long way!


Visit home.

News flash – you’re not confined to your new campus! No one is stopping you from taking a trip home to catch up with your friends and family.


Keep up with traditions.

Do you and your bestie usually spend Monday nights in front of the TV watching The Bachelor? Don’t toss out that tradition! Instead, find new ways to make it work – such as live-texting the show or having a FaceTime call afterwards to recap your favorite parts.


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Visit your friends at school.

Did all of your friends head to different schools across the country? Use this as an opportunity to experience new places! Coordinate with your friends and see if you can plan some visits to their campuses – or, see if they’ll come visit you!


Text regularly.

Busy classes, new friends, different schedules… it’s easy (and normal!) to fall off the boat a bit and not text your friends and family as much as you used to. Make it a point to check up on your loved ones regularly, even if it’s just to say a quick hello!


Take advantage of breaks.

You may be moving away for the whole year, but keep in mind that there are still breaks! Plan your spring and winter breaks in advance so that you can make sure you’re catching up with everyone you want to keep in touch with.


Do you have any ideas that we didn’t list? Share your answers in the comments below!






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