Must-Have Tech Accessories for the New Semester

Textbooks, new clothes, dorm décor… what’s left? The only things missing for the new semester are some of the most useful tech items you’ll need around campus. Not sure which gadgets and tech accessories are best for college life? We’ve got the scoop!


1. Portable Charger

You know what’s a nightmare? When your phone dies mid-day so you scour campus for a free outlet, only to find that they’re already taken by other students with dead phones. Save yourself the stress with a portable charger – no outlet necessary!

Our pick: Scosche Power to Go Portable Battery 3000 mAh

Portable Charger2. On-Ear Headphones

When you head to the library to study, you’ll probably want to drown out the talking in the hall and the sniffling going on a few seats over from you. Listening to some study music is a great method of focus, and on-ear headphones work wonders at blocking any outside noises.

Our pick: Skullcandy Grind Wireless Headphones


on ear phones


3. In-Ear Headphones

Not a fan of the bulky on-ear headphones? Earbud headphones are a great alternative, and they’re perfect for when you want to take your music with you to the campus rec center.

Our pick: iHome Wireless Earphones

in ear phones

4. Bluetooth Speaker

Why do you need speakers? It’s simple. Lounging around your dorm room with some friends isn’t complete without some music playing!

Our pick: JLAB Crasher Mini

bluetooth speaker

5. Lightning Cable

Dorm rooms don’t always have outlets placed right where you want to charge your phone, so a lengthy lightning cable is your best bet. No need to move from your bed to use it!

Our pick: Kanex 9ft Lightning Cable

lightning 2

6. Micro USB Cable

While a lengthy cable is perfect for the dorm room, a micro cable is best for when you’re on campus. Do you really want to untangle a long cord that’s been sitting in your book bag?

Our pick: Scosche FlatOut LED Reversible MicroUSB


micro usb final


7. Activity Tracker

Between walking across campus from class to class to workouts at the rec center, it’s pretty helpful to be able to track your daily activity. Freshman 15? Not on our watch!

Our pick: Fitbit Alta



What’s your must-have tech accessory for the new semester? Send us your recommendations in the comments below or on Twitter!






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    Ahahaha the picture for the micro USB cable is also a Lightning cable

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