What to Do Before Your Internship Ends

The end of your internship is just as important as when you first started. If you’re getting ready to wrap up your time as an intern, take a look at what we suggest doing so that you leave on a good note. This will be your final impression at the company, so make it count!




Complete any unfinished projects.

You may be out the door soon, but that’s not an excuse to push off an assignment you were supposed to finish. If a project is too big to complete in the time you have left, make sure you provide enough guidance to whomever will be picking up where you left off.


Stay consistent and motivated.

Remember how hard you worked at the start of your internship because you were dying to impress everyone? Don’t slack off now! Staying motivated until the very last day will show your strong work ethic, which will lead to better recommendations… and maybe even a future job!


Ask for feedback.

Internships are a learning experience, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to find out what you can improve on. Ask your boss for some feedback on your performance, then use the advice to set goals for future internships and jobs.




Create a portfolio.

A portfolio contains copies of any professional documents and projects you’ve worked on. They’re great to bring on interviews along with your resume and cover letter! Before leaving your internship for good, compile copies of your work so that you can build your portfolio.


Say thank you.

It’s polite to acknowledge that you appreciate the time you had at your internship. Write thank you notes for anyone you worked closely with, and make sure to mention the specific ways in which they’ve helped you.


Exchange contact information.

The relationships you made at your internship are valuable. If you haven’t already, now is a good time to exchange emails, phone numbers, or connect on LinkedIn.


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