The Best Podcasts for Your Career Journey

Amidst all the fun college brings, let’s not forget what these four or so years are all about – preparing yourself so that you can land your dream job! These podcasts are loaded with helpful insights and professional advice to help you on your career journey. Grab your headphones and have a listen!


Half Hour Intern

Perfect for the student still on the hunt for their passion, Half Hour Intern is a podcast that explores the interesting paths people take in life. With two episodes per week, creator Blake Fletcher dives into how professionals got their start in all different fields – from NASA engineers to pet detectives. |Listen here|


Half Hour Intern


Being Boss

Future creative entrepreneurs, this one is a must! Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson motivate their listeners (a.k.a. their tribe) with straightforward advice and insightful interviews as they cover how to be boss in both work and life. |Listen here|




48 Days to the Work You Love

Dan Miller must be doing something right – he has the #1 career podcast series on iTunes! In this weekly podcast, Dan coaches his listeners on how they can build a meaningful career that embraces their dreams and passions. If you’re not convinced, take a look at the reviews. People are raving about him! |Listen here|


48 days


How to be Awesome at Your Job

Already have a job under your belt? Don’t stop there! In this podcast, Pete Mockaitis shares powerful insights on how to boost job performance and excel in your career. Topics range from increasing productivity to communicating with your boss. It’s worth a listen! |Listen here|


How to Be Awesome


CareerCloud Radio

CareerCloud is a great podcast if you want to start with the basics of job hunting. Guests include actual recruiters and career coaches, and topics range from crafting your resume to nailing the interview. |Listen here|




Feeling inspired yet? Let us know your favorite podcasts in the comments below!






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