The Commuter’s Guide to Making Friends on Campus

Let’s put this rumor to rest – commuting to college doesn’t mean you won’t get the perk of having a social life in college. Students all over campus are eager to meet friends, but it’s up to you to find them! Here’s how to get started.


Chat with classmates.

You don’t have to be a social butterfly to strike up a conversation with a classmate. Talk about an upcoming exam, or exchange contact info for a group study session – easy!


Join a club.

You’re more likely to find friends with similar interests as you if you join a club or organization you’ve had your eye on. Are you a sports fanatic? Join an intramural basketball team. Love art? Maybe a photography club is right up your alley.


Explore campus between classes.

When you don’t know anybody, hiding in the corner of the library until you have to head to your next class may sound tempting. Instead, explore campus and looks for ways you can strike up conversation. Don’t worry introverts – this can be as simple as asking somebody how the mac and cheese was in the dining hall!


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Find a campus job.

Not only will you be able to befriend your coworkers, but this is also a great reason to stay on campus longer. The longer you’re on campus, the more opportunities you have to meet new people!


Look for campus events.

Colleges are super social places, so you can bet there will be events all throughout the year! Take a look at your school’s events calendar, or keep up with them on social media to see the latest happenings.


Scope out other commuters.

Other commuters totally understand the struggle of finding friends, so why not befriend them? Check to see if your school has any organizations dedicated to commuters, or a Facebook group where fellow commuters can interact.


We want to hear your ideas! Let us know how you make new friends on campus in the comments below.





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  1. Steven Lugo says:

    The way that I make new friends on campus is by meeting people that have a deep passion for soccer because soccer is my most favorite sport and so when I met my friends at QCC first we started to talk about soccer then I realized that I made friends with the correct people plus I associated great with them and they’ve been a great help to me and still are until this day .

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