Easy Ways to Take Your Makeup From Day to Night

With classes and studying from morning until night, we’re often left in a hurry to get our look perfected before it’s time to head out with friends. If you want to instantly take your day time look and spice it up for a night out, check out these super quick touch ups you can make!


Touch up with powder.

If you need a quick foundation touch up before heading out for the night, try dusting on a powder foundation. It will quickly reapply the color and absorb any oil you’ve accumulated throughout the day.

Our pick: Clinique’s Acne Solutions Powder Makeup.



Define your cheekbones.

The internet is flooded with all sorts of charts and diagrams on where to apply your highlighter and bronzer. Feel free to go all out! However, a quick sweep of bronzer below the cheekbones and some subtle highlight or blush right above it is quick and effective!

Our pick: Smashbox L.A. Lights Blush & Highlight Palette




Add a touch of shadow.

A smokey shadow makes eyes look more dramatic – perfect for night time! We suggest using a lighter color over the entire lid, then using darker shades near the lash line and outer corners of your lid.

Our pick: Smashbox Photo Matte Eyes Palette




Darken your liner.

One of the easiest ways to take your makeup from day to night is by simply adding a bolder eyeliner. Eyeliner brushes are perfect for this! Simply wet the tip of the brush and use a dark shade from your eye shadow palette for a vivid result.

Our pick: Smashbox Photo Matte Eyes Palette




Play up your brows.

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of definition in your brows to play up your look! The best part? You can use the same brush and palette as your liner! Just make sure to clean off the brush before switching shades.

Our pick: Smashbox Photo Matte Eyes Palette




Add a bold lip.

A bold lip instantly glams up any look. If you like color during the day too, try wearing a subtle lip stain. That way, you can easily apply your bold lipstick right on top of it at night instead of redoing your whole look.

Our pick: We used Stainiac Lip and Cheek stain during the day and Ulta Lipstick at night




Easy, right? Next time you’re in a hurry, keep these quick tips in mind. Also, check out The Glossary at your campus bookstore and stock up on your makeup essentials.




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