Five Things to Do as Soon as You Set Foot on Campus

You’ve waited all summer to finally head to college, but once you get there – then what? We listed five essential things to do as soon as you step foot on campus. Get excited!



1. Get to know your roommate.

You roommate can easily be the first friend you make in college. Getting to know each other right off the bat should be a top priority – not only because you’ll be living together, but also because you’ll have someone to start exploring campus with! Start with these questions.


2. Explore the campus hot spots.

Your new home away from home doesn’t just include a dorm room… it includes a student center, library, rec center, and more! Grab your roommate or a friend and set off to find all the essential locations on campus.


3. Try out the cafeteria.

Your campus cafeteria will likely be the go-to spot for most of your meals. Not to mention, this is the perfect place to socialize and start meeting new people!




4. Walk through your schedule.

Save yourself the stress and don’t wait until the first day of classes to figure out where you need to go. Get familiar now by walking through your schedule – you don’t want to be that person that walks into the wrong classroom on the first day!


5. Look for campus events.

Colleges typically host the most events when students are first getting back on campus. There’s often refreshments, games, prizes, and a bunch of students eager to make new friends. Look for the events right away so you don’t end up missing out!


We want to know what you’re doing when you get to campus! Let us know in the comments below, or share a pic of your campus adventures with us on Instagram.





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