10 Ways to Stay Active on Campus

Do you ever feel sluggish after sitting around in a desk all day? We hear you! Fortunately, there are plenty of simple ways you can stay active around campus. Check out our top choices!

1. Take the stairs.

Ready to challenge yourself? If you’ve got classes or a dorm room on the top floor of the building, try swapping out the elevator ride and taking the stairs instead. You might get a bit winded, but you’ll get used to it the more you try it!


2. Walk to Class.

Not only is this a great way to get in some light exercise, but you’ll get to enjoy the fresh air, too.


3. Bike instead of drive.

Okay, sometimes campuses are HUGE! If walking to your class is out of the question, try a bike ride instead. It’s faster than walking and it’s better for you than driving.




4. Look into group fitness classes.

Campus recreation centers typically offer group fitness classes. Check out what your school offers and give it a shot! When you work out with a group, it’s often more fun and motivating than a solo workout.


5. Take time to explore.

Got some extra time between classes? Take a trip around campus and explore places you’re not as familiar with. You’ll potentially find some awesome sights, all while getting in a good walk!


6. Get involved in intramural sports.

You don’t need to be a superstar athlete to play sports in college. Intramural sports teams are a great way to get involved and enjoy a lighthearted game of your favorite sport.




7. Hit the gym between classes.

Use the time gap between classes to your advantage! Pack a pair of gym shoes with you when you head to class so that you can easily swing by the campus gym during your break.


8. Take the scenic route.

Given you’re not in a rush to make it to class in time, try taking a longer route. Maybe you’ll see some cool things!


9. Stop by the pool. 

If the gym’s weight room is too intimidating for you, head to the recreation center pool instead. A refreshing swim is always nice!


10. Stretch between classes.

After sitting around in a long lecture, a good stretch feels amazing. Make it a habit to stretch after these lengthy classes.


We’d love to hear how you make sure to stay active around campus! Leave your feedback in the comments below.





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