Which On-Campus Job is Right for You?

Snagging an on-campus job is a great way to get some extra cash in your wallet throughout the year. Who wouldn’t want that?! If you’re ready to start thinking about applying for jobs, check out our guide below to get an idea of what might suit you best.


If you’re confident and enthusiastic…

Job: Campus Tour Guide

As a campus tour guide, you’re part of the first impression prospective students have on your school. That’s a big deal! A great campus tour guide is excited to share their stories and experiences with others, and is ready to confidently tackle any questions about student life.


If you’re studious and supportive…

Job: Tutor

Students all over campus are looking for extra help with their studies, and professors can’t help everyone themselves! The best tutors are patient and encouraging. If you feel like you’re strong in a particular subject, you’ll thrive as a student tutor!



If you’re a problem solver and personable…

Job: Resident Assistant

Becoming an RA is a big commitment, but it’s super rewarding! You’ll be the go-to resource when residents in your hall have questions and concerns. Not to mention… free housing!


If you’re organized and detail-oriented…

Job: Mail Room Attendant

Every campus has a mail room where students are constantly receiving care packages and mail from home. Working in a mail room involves sorting through mail, tracking packages, and assisting students. Make sure your organizational skills are on point!




If you’re reliable and proactive…

Job: Lifeguard

Life guarding is more than just sitting around all day by your campus pool. You’ll be responsible for enforcing rules, maintaining the area, and responding quickly with first aid. It’s important!


If you’re sociable and accommodating…

Job: Barista

If your school has a cafe on campus, chances are they hire students as baristas. This type of job is great for outgoing students that love to socialize. You’ll be interacting with others all day!




If you’re knowledgeable and responsible…

Job: Teaching Assistant

This is a great step if you plan on teaching in the future. Even if you don’t, becoming a teaching assistant is still a rewarding position. As a TA, you’ll be responsible for assisting professors with their classes and helping out students with questions.


If you’re athletic and upbeat…

Job: Group Fitness Instructor

Campus gyms typically offer group fitness classes to their students. The best part? These classes are often taught by students as well. If you’re all about exercise and can pump up a room full of people with confidence, give this job a shot!


Did any of these jobs appeal to you? Let us know about your on-campus job in the comments below!





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  1. RISHIL VITTAL says:


  2. Carletta Sims says:

    I’m interested in the position for mail room attendant.

  3. Tiffany Cortorreal says:

    I am very sociable, I demonstrate a strong work ethic as well as impeccable leadership and creativity. Becoming a campus tour guide; or even a mail attendant seems like the right jobs for me.

  4. Sukaina Jafri says:

    I’m interested in the position for mail room attendant

  5. Melissa Lowles says:

    How do I apply for a job here ?

  6. Christopher Sparkman says:

    I am interested in being a Resident Assistant because I know how to think outside the box and solve problems on paper and with people.

  7. Christopher Sparkman says:

    I’m interested in a position for a Resident Assistant because I know how to think outside the box and solve problems on paper and with people I believe I’d be great for the job.

  8. Jose Cortez says:

    This is a very well written article/blog, and everyone’s responses here are perfect. Its awesome seeing students who know what they want.

  9. Carol V. Coffin says:

    The Mail room attendant sounds like the ideal job for me.

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