Career Mistakes That Are Easy to Avoid

Are you expected to know it all when you first start your career? Of course not! Fortunately, there are some mistakes that you can easily avoid. We listed the most common ones below.



Complaining too much.

It’s normal to be tired when you show up for work bright and early. It’s normal to have a bit of a hectic workload sometimes. And, it’s normal to have to stay late some days. The best employees handle these situations with a positive attitude – and you should, too!


Joining in on the drama at the office.

This one is serious. Leave the gossip outside of the office! If the wrong person catches wind of any office drama you’re involved in, your job will be on the line. Say goodbye to those hard-earned references you had!


Being afraid to ask questions.

It’s totally reasonable to get confused sometimes about a project at work. Many recent grads fear that they’ll appear unqualified if they ask too many questions. In reality, it just shows you want to do a great job and avoid mistakes!


Arriving late.

You may have gotten away with this in class, but do you want to leave that kind of impression when you’re trying to build your career? Trust us – bad habits like this are always noticed!




Not owning up to your mistakes.

Look – you’re only human, and humans make mistakes. It’s normal and understandable! But if you try to sweep all of your mishaps under the rug instead of owning up to them, it’ll just give the impression that you’re not trustworthy.


Thinking you’re above an entry-level position.

We know you’re eager to do big things – and someday you will! But for the time being, understand that everyone has to start somewhere, and every opportunity is a great learning experience. Keep yourself levelheaded!


Ignoring the dress code.

Disregarding a dress code is definitely not something you can get away with. After all, everyone can see you! If you’re not sure what’s considered appropriate, check out our handy guide.


Thinking you know everything.

When you’re fresh out of college, you may feel pressured to act like you know more about your job than you really do. Realistically, even the most seasoned employees still have learning to do. Remember to have an open mind, listen to others, and ask questions when you need to.


Do you have any more suggestions? Leave your feedback in the comments below!





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