12 Chrome Extensions That Every Student Needs

Get ready… the internet is about to get SO much easier! From studying and researching to catching up on social media, it’s safe to say that college students are almost always online. With that in mind, we rounded up a list of helpful Google Chrome extensions that are a MUST for students. Check it out!


1. Google Dictionary

It’s frustrating when you’re trying to read up on a new subject, but you have to stop after every unfamiliar word to look up it’s meaning. Google Dictionary cuts down this time by making definitions easily accessible. Just double click a word on your webpage for a pop up with the definition. |Add to Chrome|

Google Dictionary


2. Strict Workflow

Taking short study breaks is great! But sometimes – okay, most of the time – we end up wasting hours on Instagram or Reddit instead of getting back to our notes. Strict Workflow enforces a 25 min/5 min workflow by blocking distracting sites for 25 minutes, then allowing for a 5 minute study break. |Add to Chrome|


3. Memorize!

Instead of sitting in front of your notes for hours quizzing yourself for an upcoming exam, feel free to stay on your Twitter feed or keep watching those funny cat videos. Just enter the questions and answers you need to memorize into the extension. The questions will continuously pop up in intervals while you surf the web, and they’ll keep repeating until you get all of the answers correct! |Add to Chrome|


4. Save to Google Drive

This convenient extension lets you easily save any web content directly to your google drive – including links. Gathering content for a project? Everything you need is already on your drive! |Add to Chrome|


Google Drive


5. Wunderlist

It’s like your usual to-do list, buy way better. The best part? You can share your lists with friends and assign them tasks. Send one over to your buddies in that group project you’ve been pulling the weight of! |Add to Chrome|


6. LastPass

You already have enough to memorize in college, so don’t worry about memorizing every single password you have, too. LastPass is a free password manager that will auto-login to each site you visit. It also allows you to store all of your login credentials in a password vault for easy reference. |Add to Chrome|


7. Grammarly

Now you can write with confidence, no matter who you’re writing to! Need to email a professor? Networking on LinkedIn? Grammarly will check your spelling and grammar on the spot. |Add to Chrome|




8. OneTab

You’re browsing the web and pulling information for a huge paper you need to write, and suddenly you have over 20 different tabs open. Sound familiar? OneTab takes that massive group of webpages, then sorts it into an easy-to-manage list. Instant memory saver! |Add to Chrome|


9. Remind Me

College life is busy! Between club meetings, due dates, internships and much more, it’s difficult trying to remember every responsibility you have throughout the day. Remind Me will alert you with a pop up right before you need to start making moves. |Add to Chrome|


10. Print Friendly

Printing a webpage is a hassle when the site is filled with unnecessary ads, toolbars, and images. Printer ink and paper isn’t cheap, guys! Print Friendly instantly de-clutters the page so that you print only what you need. It even let’s you change the text size! |Add to Chrome|


print friendly


11. EasyBib Toolbar

We’re told time and time again – always cite your sources. EasyBib Toolbar makes this necessary task much less of a chore. Not only will it cite any webpage at the click of a button, but it will also tell you how reliable of a source it is. |Add to Chrome|


12. HowToSimplified

Learning new skills goes beyond the classroom. HowToSimplified gives you access to the best resources and DIY tutorials for almost anything! From health tips to money saving hacks, this extension has you covered. |Add to Chrome|


We love new recommendations! Leave us a comment below and let us know which Chrome extensions you can’t live without.





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  1. Alisha Ross says:

    I wanna suggest an extension that you might find useful. This extension lets you watch videos while you do other things on your laptop. It’s a resizable window so you can watch stuff while you work. The only flaw it has is that it doesn’t allow music videos to be played on their window, because they are licensed content.
    Alisha Ross

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