The Community Bathroom Survival Guide

Moving into a dorm means swapping your usual bathroom space for a shared community bathroom. Yikes! You’ve probably heard all kinds of horror stories surrounding these communal restrooms, but we’re here to show you that they’re actually not all that bad! Here’s what you need to know.



Robe: Making the dash from your dorm room to the bathroom might be a little bit uncomfortable in just a towel. Try a robe instead.

Towel: Unless you plan on drying off with paper towels (please, don’t do that!), a good bath towel is a must.

Shower Caddy: Instead of juggling all of your bathroom essentials in your arms, invest in a good shower caddy.

Flip Flops: Although community bathrooms are cleaned regularly, you’ll still want to wear flip flops while showering and making bathroom runs. Bacteria is everywhere!



Bathroom Etiquette

Clean up after yourself.

Even though community bathrooms are regularly cleaned, it’s up to you and your dorm mates to keep it maintained between cleanings. This means no toothpaste in the sink, hair in the drains, or paper towels on the floor. Simple!

Be conscious of others.

You may have had the entire bathroom to yourself back at home, but now it’s time for some adjustments! Remember that you’re sharing the space. Avoid taking up too much counter space at the sink and be respectful with the amount of time you spend in the shower.

Keep the volume to a minimum.

Belting out Beyonce tunes in the shower is totally okay, but just remember to lower the volume while others are around. Pay attention to how much sound travels outside of the bathroom, as well. If the walls are thin, you might want to avoid things like blow drying your hair at the crack of dawn.




Tips & Tricks

Learn the cleaning schedule.

Once you’ve been living in your building for a bit, you’ll get an idea of when the bathroom is typically cleaned. Use this to your advantage! You can be sure you won’t run into any nasty surprises if you hit the shower right after it’s been cleaned.

Three words: toilet seat covers. 

If the community bathroom at your school doesn’t already supply them, you can snag a pack of your own from Office Depot or Walmart.

Carry your own disinfectant spray.

If you like to be extra cautious, keep a small package of disinfectant spray or wipes in your shower caddy so that you can quickly disinfect any faucets, handles, or counter space that you’re using.


How do you survive the community bathrooms at school? Share your best tips with us in the comments below!





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